Photos from the HMV Forum concert in London

Added on Saturday 23 October 2010, 08:11 (UTC)
Jay Kay, London Forum, 20 October 2010 (photo: David Rowe)

We know the set list from Wednesday night, we've seen some videos (there's plenty more on YouTube), read a terrible newspaper review so now its time for some photos.

I was once again right at the front in the 'pit' for the first three songs on Wednesday evening and took a number of photos which are now online.  These can be seen at the Jamiroquai Facebook pages or over at

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Those pictures are actually amazing! heard the album now and, let me tell you, it is incredible! :) I feel sorry for what I said before! you all will love it! :)

Can't wait to listen them all live, and hope there are new arrangements for this tunes on stage! There's so much potential on these tunes! Still hate "Hurtin'" but well, the other 11 tracks compensate it! :D
the best people!

Great photos from my favourite photographer!

Jay, make David your official photographer for gigs and covers ok? ;)

Great photos Mr Rowe! I am happy to have met you and your wonderful wife after the gig. You both rock and epitomise all that is great about this band.

Fantastic photos David - thanks so much for uploading them - being so far away, it's great to see the boys back on stage :)


Agree with Samantha and Jonas. Thanks David!

I was at the gig and thought it was amazing. Great venue and atmosphere. What were the bad reveiws?? One thing, couldnt believe how many touts where outside and they were so aggressive! Sold a spare one tho for £30 so shouldnt complain! My bro was gutted he had to miss it!!

David never lets us down (thank you!!!)!! Top photos once again :)

Here's a better review than the one that was in The Sun newspaper!

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