White Knuckle Ride teaser audio/video on YouTube

Added on Monday 16 August 2010, 13:41 (UTC)
Following the earlier announcement of Rock Dust Light Star, the new album from Jamiroquai, a new video clip has been uploaded to YouTube called 'whiteknuckle walkon' which, er, has the music of a new track called 'White Knuckle Ride' and Jay walking on stage at one of the summer 2010 concerts.

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Oh my God - this is terrible :(

Sounds like every other overproduced track on current radio.

Going back to a live band sound?? Is Jay talking about the right album/band??

Very disappointed.

Is this really gonna be an ablum track....hope the rest dont follow suit! Why realise that clip..strange. Not a great 41 seconds!

Awesome bass!

maybe this is remix? because it's not live band sound. Terrible song and video, sry guys

sounds AWESOME to me!

people..they are not gonna go back to 1995 also if jay is talking about an
"organic live sound"

Wow, what a massive disappointment. All the talk about bringing horns back and the old sound, ei now we don't have to please the record company drivel. Sounds terrible, almost chart-generic stuff.

Oh dear, one hopes for good album tho.

To me this sounds like the perfect choice for their first commercial release. It definatley has that Cosmic Girl, Love Foo, Little L kind of feel to it.

Absolutely love it, can't stop listening to it.

Jay is the absolute man.

Nice bass, but I have to agree - the song is about as organic as a Commodore 64.

this must be the thump,thump,thump remix & sounds almost identical to the bass on the freemasons remix of DGHAC.

I suppose this is a remix, and if not... where has the funk gone ?

To me it clearly sounds as a remix

I think it's more catchy that RDLS to be the first single, and I don't think it sounds as bad as you say. Where has the funk gone? It's a way funkier than RDLS. I do agree it sounds overproduced

Sounds very Dynamite-esque. I heard there were going to be a couple of Disco tracks on the new album and I think we already know what they are: 'Rock Dust Light Star' and 'White Knuckle Ride'. Both sound great but I hope that's it and most of the other material is 'organic'.

I hope 'Blue Skies' is another Seven Days or Stillness.

I honestly think it's not that bad! Some people have been feeling disappointed for the last 14 years, it's quite boring to hear them. There is no "real" jamiroquai, but a band that has been trying new sounds within the domain of funk. I like RDLS lyrics and I like WKW sound, I think it could be a catchy first single

come on guys, this is obviously a remix. you can tell via the production, compare it to the disco dance stuff on AFO.

to get better a band must evolve. jamiroquai has evolved. it they kept producing the same type of music then they could not grow to other peoples likes. give them a break, if you dont like it then listen to the first album and call it a day

Isn't it from the gig at the Arènes de Nîmes in France ?

Sounds like a disco dance tune, not very organic. Could be remix, by why confuse the fans? Hmmmm. Well hopefully some more organic raw sounds on the rest of the album...

why???? did not like rock dust light star, but this is even worse :-(
where is the "organic live feel", this sounds like some random badly produced disco house track

"where is the "organic live feel", this sounds like some random badly produced disco house track"

thats cos it is!

Simply great!!!

Are you people stupid? THIS IS A REMIX!!
Still waiting for them to come to Argentina :D

I am loving the sound of this track, it ups the anty on my anticipation for the CD release.

Disappointing. I hope the entire album is not like this. : (

Disappointing. I hope the entire album is not like this. : (

It's a remix, everyone. Chill out (for now)

Wow... It's hard (i.e. impossible) to please 'em all. I think the new song sounds great! I happen to love disco/house, so it works for me. Granted, it's not THE most groundbreaking, inventive thing I've ever heard, but it's only 41 seconds. I'm not going to pass judgement util I hear more. I love JMQ and am so excited that the Space Cowboy is finally returning!

This is maybe a bonus track, moreover, it's a remix!
We have to wait november and the Rock Dust Like Star album to be be definately happy or disappointed!


Dunno where you see that his is a remix...
It's not, it's the theme that'll come out on the albm.
Altough I hope it's not, and if it is then let it be the only Dynamitegrllsrgish song :p RockDust sounds AWESOME to me

Fantastic!!! Amazing tune! I guess this one is gonna be huge!

It's quite obvious that this is a remix so stop being such critical... and this is a lot better than Rock Dust Light Star...

Waiting for the concert in October in Brazil!

Rob or Derrick :S or anyone from the band ... plz just tell us if this is a remix or not :s

I'm very surprised at how undemanding some fans are. I'm also disgusted at how some people have judged and written off an album they haven't heard, let alone this song in full. Limited Edition suggests 'remix', but even if it wasn't, you haven't heard the rest of the lyrics and don't know how this extract fits in with the rest of the song. Fans SHOULD welcome this. Better still, some of the knee jerk reactions could be very different once they hear these live. Twenty Zero One, Loveblind and Supersonic are examples of songs that were underrated on many accounts for that.

If you've read some of the reviews they've had, they've been damned by lazy journalists for 'sounding the same' (when this clearly isn't true), but when they do something else, the fans blast them for not doing another EOPE or ROTSC, cry that Zender should come back, etc.. EOPE and ROTSC are masterpieces; to try and do more of the same would show little or no creativity, and even there, every piece of music would be compared unfairly against those albums, if not branded an imitation. Every artist should seek to do something better than their previous material, move with the times and accept some degree of change. Each album should have its own identity, and stand on its own merits.

The other thing some acid jazz fans need to remember is that Jamiroquai have lots of respect, and are highly-rated on the club scene. So, a song like this shouldn't be a great surprise. If anything, a bit of 00s funky house would be a natural progression for some of the songs. Personally, I can't wait for a true, funky/latin house track with bags of percussion, piano riffs and a killer bass line (Think Dubtribe Sound System's Autosoul (Rasmus Faber Mix), Danny Howells- Dusk Till Dawn (Shapeshifters Mix), the Knee Deep mix of Afro Medusa's Pasilda, Banda Sonora's Guitarra G, Rasmus Faber's Ever After, even MAW- To Be In Love). Give it a chance :).

opinions are like arseholes,everybody has one

@Alec - I think it's a safe assumption. It sounds clubby and unlike anything they've ever released themselves..maybe it's the remix announced a few days ago on Funkin's home page. Plus, Jay describes the album as a band effort, and this sounds totally electronic. Let's hope I'm not wrong =)

OOOOOOO Love it!!!!!!

So excited for some new tunes and a new album!
Please come back to U.S.!

@epiphyte I just find it weird to release a clip of a remix even BEFORE the original song is published o_O

Don't get me wrong, I'm as excited as everyone else about the new albm, I also have been years waiting for whatever new stuff the band released and liked all of it, as many here I also brought tickets for a show on the very first day they were on sale...

It's just that, even Im enjoying the new tracks, I still prefer the didgeridoo years than the cocktail ones :p I like this ones but I LOVED the old vibe...
And, as said, opinions are like arseholes ;)
Thing is, nowadays only introducing (again) a didgeridoo or some flutes on a song WOULD be innovative... noone does it this days, at least not as this guys did -.-

Cheers :D

Can't Wait for the new Album. The album work is like the reverse of EOPE, which is cool. They need some more animated pictures of themselves for the artwork on the inside cover :-)

*judges entire song and album project based on 40 second clip*

Eventually, we will have more yays than nays because it's all about timing. So what we have negative views on audio clips/video clips? They are teasers anyway. YOU SO CALLED FANS SHOULD KNOW BETTER BY NOW. Jamiroquai has to cover AT LEAST 5 GENRES of music on this project.






(Remember Radio on the Greatest Hits?, I loved it!)

So let us reserve our judgment till we get the goods, savvy?

Im probably going to make much the same comments as everybody else, but....... This would be a decent track if produced by a run of the mill new band, but it's not. It's Jamiroquai, a band that were good enough to bring acid jazz to the attention of the masses, and due to that this must be considered a poor effort. I really do hope this is a bad remix of a great song, but like others have said why would you give people a taster of a remix? Anyway, I hope I look back on this comment in November & feel embarrassed that I doubted them, but please give us something a bit more...Jamiroquai to get us excited !!!

Although it's not clear, I believe this is a remix (a wicked funky one!).

Jay said it'll all make sense in November while they played in Paleo so have some faith and don't get too upset with a 40 second clip!

OMG people DO get excited... ^^`
Noone judged the new album yet... at least not that I saw

@Alex - yes, i know, but keep in mind this is jamiroquai's PR/management..they are clueless on how to promote online. everything has always been a mess, and i don't think this is any different. i'm confident that is a remix, but we'll see soon!

People go listen to the audio of the Paleo concert, when they played RDLS, Jay was like, just wait and see it will all make sense in November. I believe him, and so I am not worried about the album being garbage. It's Jamiroquai!

This is bad pr. The internet is already having newsflashes about the comeback of Jamiroquai. Despite there are mentions about the organic sound, there are already assumptions of disco/electronic sound based on that remix-clip, which ultimately and unfortunately sounds crap. Well, hopefully the album version of WKR will turn the news into reality.

IT IS A REMIX!!!!! REMIX!!!!! A REMIX IS SUPPOSED TO SOUND LIKE THAT!!!(NOT LIKE CRAP BUT ELECTRONIC)Why dont you wait to listen to the full album before talking about dissapointment??.

I'm talking about disappointment towards the promotion work so far.

Just terrible. I thought Rock Dust was nothing special but this .. Definitely terrible, sounds like corny teenie house music, something to play along side with that Lady Gaga piece of crap people seem to love nowadays. 5 years of waiting and waiting with high expectations for the return of the old sounds, or at least something a bit jazzier.. And we get this chewing gum crap?? Jay definitely lost it a long time ago

I like it.Deliciously funky with a kickass bassline.Can't wait for the album.I gotta get some new dancing shoes!

Confirmation : This is the Seamus Haji remix of WKR.

actually no its not.

And about the ones saying "a band must change, must progress, must be creative" .. Really, where is the change and creativity between the last 3 albums? And about this one, RDLS, a U2-pop kind of tune? WKR, a random house music? Where is the change and creativity in this? You people criticize us for always crying for the "same old sounds", but as far as I can see, the "same sound" is what they´re doing over the last 10 years - cheap electronica and pop! Now is this kind of sound creative or different now in 2010?? I don´t think so, that´s what everybody is doing, even my 14 year old neighbour in his computer.. But returning to the organic feel in this electronic polluted times, and showing to all those MTV wannabes what music is about, now THAT would be creative! So please don´t give us that lesson of "musicians must change and grow in order to become better", as far as I can see, in terms of musicianship its downhill since the 90´s

Prejudge Prejudge Prejudge.

Let's stop pre-judging!! Let's wait until we actually HEAR the album before we start criticizing and accusing Jamiroquai of doing "the same ole thing"!! It's amazing how some of you are judging the entire album after only hearing a 40-second

"Next Tuesday, the new Jamiroquai single ‘White Knuckle Ride’ will land at radio. "

Rob Harris posted this on his twitter, maybe its in responce to all our complaining???? :

"real drums,real bass,real guitar,real keys,real vocals, just saying.ITS REAL"

Calm down dearest it's just a sample! And it sounds real to me. Personally I think the full track will be a belter. Not many 40 second samples of songs are ground-breaking and this is no different, but the taster has got me very excited for the new album.

It occured to me as I was listening to this numerous times: If this is NOT a remix, perhaps this bouncy little shippet is part of the ENDing of the song, one of JMQ's famous "grandiose outros" (think "Main Vein"), and the rest of the song is completely different. I just have a feeling that might be it. Whatever it is, I can't wait to find out!

damnz i dont know yet , need more than this! bring it on

greetz from uden holland

Cmon guys!! the track has a awesome bassline, and even the remix sounds great!! i remember that a lot of people reacted this way with the runaway remix, then heard the original track and loved it!! BE PATIENCE AND TRUST YOUR FAVOURITE BAND THAT NEVER LET YOU DOWN BEFORE!!!

Well bloody written Matute Vip! This band has never let us down.

The change is there. I'm not going to change anyone's minds, but I'll still put my points out there. Parts of AFO had the club scene in mind- A point shown by the fact they headlined the Ministry Of Sound festival that year, and top DJs such as Roger Sanchez had remixed Deeper Underground and other singles a few years before it. Even Jay said of one of the tracks "In the right hands, this could be magic". You also had Corner Of The Earth, Black Crow, and Picture Of My Life, all with acoustic elements. If you can't see that Twenty Zero One was different from anything on the first three albums, then I'm lost for words.

For Dynamite, you had Feels... and Loveblind (again, this needs to be heard live). Dynamite needs to be heard live, too. World That He Wants is lyrically relevant today, in fact, I think it stands next to anything on the first two albums for depth. Musically, you can take the vocal out, and the tone of that song is still powerful; although the keys seem simple, the strings are used to great effect here. Electric Mistress is what you might get if you explored the house scene beyond AFO, and then you have some real disco throwbacks in (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Starchild (which should've been a single) and Time Won't Wait. Talulah tries to strike a balance between the earlier albums and being current.

Let's also remember that Wallis had left the band, as well as Toby Smith (regular writing partner), and we had Nick Fyffe and Paul Turner as bassists. Then we've had Rob Harris on Guitar, and I think he's brought postive things to the band's musical direction. Further still, we heard about Sony holding the band back on some issues, even stifling creativity (Did you know that the video for When You Gonna Learn was banned at one time? Or that Jay hated the video for Love Foolosophy?). So, considering all factors, I feel there's a lot more to celebrate than some acid jazz era fans would recognise (and I'm an acid jazz fan!! ROTSC and EOPE are my favourite albums...)

As a side note, I really hate that house music, electronica, etc. is dismissed as cheap. There are some acts that do it with grace, even in the mainstream, and there are reasons why Jamiroquai have that respect.

People with high expectations can be so easily made unhappy

This excerpt has certainly got my hips moving and feet tapping. Am very much looking forward to hearing the final product in full. I simply love Jay's vocals and the band could do a Chas & Dave rendition and I'd still love them! :)

Agree completely with Kenneth. Read his comment.

@ One Winged Angel: Yea, When you gonna learn was Banned in America. Also, there are two versions of the Love Foolosophy Video. So obviously someone didn't like something. Look on youtube and you'll find both.

It blows my mind how people criticize Jamiroquai... If you haven't bought what they are selling in the past why even anticipate the future of Jamiroquai. Their track record speaks for itself. You know it's gonna be good folks! The critics on this site sound like half of America...they don't give funk a chance! Instead we get this euro-regergitated Lady Gaga crap.

As the old saying goes:
You can please some of the people some of the time, but you cant please all of the people all of the time..............

Looking forward to the gigs (Sometime?) hope the guys manage some small intimate venues somewhere...TICKETS BY BALLOT!

Take care lovely peeps!

@ One Winged Angel - very sensible your analysis!

They've been always accused by the press of doing the same music, but they are very very versatile. They are always surprising us. As a consequence, some are pleased and some are not... I am.

I also believed this was a remix and even asked Rob wheter it is or not, but then i kept listening to that 40 seccond sample and you know what... We are missing the point.
That is a live band playing!, now maybe the sound is not the most organic sound (and there comes taste which means its personal to each one of us), and thats what leads to a remix idea; but there are no samples in there and we all know jamiroquai can sound that good. Just look at the abbey road tv show or this past Paleo gig, look at what these guys do live, and then imagine they have spent last couple years working these songs and recording over and over.


This is an outstanding performance and I´m sure the rest of the album is gonna be more impressive.

Funkynic (nicobergara)

Terrible clip....hope this isn't the 'organic' sound coming our way. Bollocks to the repeated electro disco sound. Nothing's changed. Same old same old

Sad to see so much ire coming the band's way from 'fans', we sound like a bunch of England 'supporters'. I say wait and see. It sounds very much like a remix to me, and the fact that it'll be released on limited promo vinyl suggests that it'll be aimed at DJ's, not general consumers. It is still a funky piece of music and although this version probably isn't what I'd hoped for, we should be patient knowing we haven't got much longer to wait to hear the album now. And for the record, I think RDLS is a beautiful piece of music and few artists today are writing 12/8 choruses. That's right, a jazz time signature smack bang in the middle of a rock-tinged funk tune. Think about it.

Sounds like a remix...A good one indeed. Let's wait for the original to emerge before everybody melts down.


No. The point is not wether the beat is organic or not, whether the feel is organic or not, whether anything is organic at all. Electric Mistress is a hell of a song, for that matter. What matters most to all of us who claim to be long-time fans of Jamiroquai are four elements: harmony, melody, rhythm and timbre. I could put "arrangements" in another category, or "improvisation", only to highlight their relevance, but it would be redundant nonetheless. And this song lacks it all. Or, rather, lacks it in any sufficiently good form. That is why I quit trying after the third listening. RDSL lacks it all as well. As well as half the songs in Dynamite and some in AFO. The band is in constant decline due to an OBVIOUS downfall of creativity. Just give up already and move on to fresher sounds, be it from the past or present.

we are judging a whole band for 40 sec. I insist people think that a live band will sound always like album 1 or 2. Thats not true and this is the best example. Plus you have un bare in mind that mixing and mastering have evolved so much. Listen to album 1 and then to the same track on the high times greatest hits where they have been remastered. This is a 40 sec sample with perfect performance, recording, mixing and mastering. These complaints remind me of the whole feels just like it should complaining on it sounding like deeper under ground just cos it had a distortioned riff :s. Them dynamite was a kick ass album

"dynamite was a kick ass album"...I love Jamiroquai but I must confess : I threw this album through the window. I don't know if it kicked any ass but it surely hurt my neighbour when he received it on the head...
It is the worst albul they have never done!!!
I hope the new album won't be like this track...


All the people complaining and nitpicking the 40 second teaser to kingdom come will be the very people to camp outside to await the release of this single & album. They'll listen to it once and complain, they'll listen to it 5x then complain, they'll listen to it 20x and will still complain.

Complain all you want, but its obvious to me that the teaser was aimed at DJs to sell the vinyl. You can't say it isn't a danceable tune.

Whether or not the teaser was a remix shouldn't be an issue nor the platform for kvetching over the album as a whole. The album will come out with more tracks that have yet to be heard. It will be criticized anyway.

But let's be real here 93, 94, and 95 are gone. The lineup has changed. These guys grew up. Therefore it only makes sense that the sound changes as well. If what the complainers are looking for is the array of depth that they found in the earlier albums, them give this one a shot and perhaps you'll find it. If not, then you always have the earlier albums to listen to for your fix.

This is clearly a remix.And on another forum that I visit,folks are saying that it is a bonus track on the album.So,let's not get carried away and judge the entire album based on a small snippet of a (remixed?) song that probably won't be on the album anyway.

I love Jamiroquai forever! From their acid jazz grooves through electronica to funk! And this song is absolutely FUNKY for me & it's gonna be a delicious album!!! Super song!!! And those who says that it's a crap, first - they're not TRUE Jamiroquai fans; second - they should go & f**k yourselves!!!!!! IT'S GONNA BE AN AMAZING ALBUM !!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously a remix, and I still like how it sounds. I'm confident the band will deliver on their promises, making us forget the disappointment that was Dynamite.

What makes it sound like a remix is the layers on top of layers of Jay's vocals.

I hope this is a remix.This one is not bad, but this is not the "live sounds" that Jay promised.Anyway I'm waiting for the new album.

Wow. Judging 41 seconds of a piece of music is like reviewing a novel using only 5 pages from the middle of it.

1) 92–96 are gone, alright. But Time Won't Wait is a hell of a track. One of the few from Dynamite. It's from 2006. It's got good arrangements, chords, phrasing etc. So are Electric Mistress, Little L, Starchild and some others from the 2 last albums. I'd say half or a little behind that. You can't really be serious about World That He Wants, Hot Tequila Brown, Talulah, Stop Don't Panic, Loveblind and so many others.

2) In fact, yes, you can tell a novel is good from reading five pages. You could be wrong, of course. But that ability, to print one's personality and quality to even the smallest bit is a characteristic of good artists. And Jamiroquai was just that.

Time Won't Wait is from 2005...

And for the record Talulah and Hot Tequila Brown are amazing songs, two of the best from Dynamite...

2005, then. But I wholeheartedly disagree. Talulah has that smooth jazz (I won't mention Kenny G!, oops) saxophone line throughout, which is such a trite reference. It's got a nice groove, like Everyday has; the difference is that this one is very inspired and that is just a vulgar filler. As for Hot Tequila Brown I won't even bother commenting upon. Not when we are talking about a band that created gems like Shoot the Moon, Manifest Destiny, Bullet and Do It Like We Used to Do.

@Oriento - we think exactly alike on these matters. but I must say, I do enjoy this preview of the white knuckle ride remix.

Good post Dr J.. I agree. Very sad to hear so many 'so-called' fans who probably couldn't play a chord on the piano if it landed on their bloody head - pass so many negative comments! Jay is a genius and the music that comes from this band is innovative and electric, and not once have they failed to inspire admiration in music previously released! Bring it on boys. What you do in the world and the music you create has lit up my life and brought many hours of joy. I know I will not be disappointed and look forward greatly to November.....

so tomorow we are gonna hear the real version of white knuckle ride on the radio ????

IT'S NOT A REMIX. IT'S THE REAL VERSION! I've been uploading the full song through mega media nl.

The extract given is the end of the song (not the best part). The whole song is a mix of Little L and Runaway

I've heard the full song and I'm very dissapointed...
Hope it's a remix !!!!

First impressions:
Great Track! This single is gonna hit hard on the charts I can tell you that!!! Thats how I take it at least, its an intense song and keeps your head nodding. This is on purpose built for the dancefloors, to play loud on your car stereo windows down (why not speeding a bit :)) and mainly, for radios to play it!! Cant wait to hear more new stuff and ge tthe album!!


I WAS RIGHT about it being the END of the song!! I love it when I'm right. :-D Unfortunately, however, I have been unable to obtain the entire song. I tried the Mega Media site... I loved the newer snippet too... but the download did not work for me.

I would love to hear it on the radio, but it is highly doubtful that they will play this in the US, since it's not Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga. I'm hoping that Sirius/XM will pick it up and we will hear it on a dance station like BMP or Area.

From what I've heard thus far, it promises to be a great dance tune that I will listen to (and dance and/or exercise to) often. I look forward to the rest of the album, which I'm confident will have a nice variety of musical styles, all with that special kind of funk and soul that only Jay and the gang can bring! Life has gotten better and brighter already!

Hey John Doggett, it's definately not a remix then? I feared it wasn't, cause like I said it wouldn't make sense sending a preview for a remix before the actual song. This doesn't bode well as it's so far from natural and organic it's untrue!...

Judging by the 29 second preview from one site, I can safely say that the sound is what is old school.

I think the misconception people have with it is that they expect "old school" Jamiroquai and not the "old school" sound that inspired them in the first place.

There's a difference.

There were no more information with this track: So, I guess this is the original one. Don't forget that this track WILL NOT figure on the regular album! White Knuckle Ride was maybe made between 2006 and 2008 (40 tracks was recorded for RDLS!! Only 12 choosen! WKR belongs to the outtakes?)its sound is close to Dynamite and Runaway. Don't Panic, I want to believe Jay : The 7th album will sound LIVE!

I think Jamiroquai needs to push a single that will sell for the masses... and this is it. Too bad though, caus this is not organic by far! But keeping good hope that such track do not make it to the album.
Hope the album does have more consiousness like EOPE or the groove and jazz of ROTSC.

I'm seeing on blogs & forums so many people hating this song..."He said he was going to stay away from this sound" "why are they always doing disco" blah blah blah. I don't think this single is indicative of the flow of the rest of the album. Even if it was, so what? For a dance record it's still better that 80% of the junk out here and it is part of their sound. All of their albums have a variety of other sounds on them "Hot Tequila Brown", "SuperSonic", Seven Days in Sunny June, Stillness in Time, Devil Black Car, This Corner Of The Earth, ect...all great non disco-ish tunes. Rock Dust Light Stars is not a disco tune and it's very well written. This group likes to do up-tempo tunes AND THEY ARE FANTASTIC AT IT. There's are plenty of mind numbing, low energy moody psuedo-artsy, mid-tempo music out there. I wish people could just sit back and enjoy this group instead of always giving them a hard time for not "sounding like they did in 1992" They are really the last of the honest to goodness real songwriting, real performing, real recording bands out. Even when they do more "produced" dance tracks they can translate those songs live, flawlessly. No auto tune, backing tracks, no lip sync, no negativity, no lame publicity stunts.


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