Jamiroquai announce new album - Rock Dust Light Star

Added on Monday 16 August 2010, 09:56 (UTC)
Rock Dust Light Star

After six full studio albums (the last one being Dynamite in 2005 - and ignoring the 2006 Greatest Hits album) have today announced a new album, called "Rock Dust Light Star", which is listed for UK release on 1st November 2010.

The title track, Rock Dust Light Star, has been heard by many fans already after it was first performed at a gig in London in late June.

This is their first album released through Mercury Records (part of Universal Music), after they left Sony Music.

We're delighted to announce that Jamiroquai’s new album ‘Rock, Dust, Light, Star’ is to be released by Mercury Records in November 2010! Part of the news story at reads...

We think at a time when many acts are producing electronic, disco influenced tracks, with ‘Rock, Dust, Light, Star’ Jamiroquai has moved on and reverted to a more organic, live sound. The shift really helped revitalise the band who ended up producing a superb album - even if we do say it ourselves! We hope you all agree as you get to hear it. Jay says, "Everything on the record is live. It's a real band record. The last, album – fantastic – but the whole thing became a little sterile. This time we’ve captured the flow of our live performances’. The album has been recorded mainly at Jay’s home studio in Buckinghamshire, and also at legendary Hook End Manor in Oxfordshire. The album is entirely written by Jay Kay and the band, and produced by Jay alongside first time collaborators Charlie Russell and Brad Spencer. The first taster of the album will be the rattling groove of ‘White Knuckle Ride’, available only on strictly limited edition vinyl prior to the album. It’s a hi-octane retrospective on Jay’s career experiences - a cautionary tale equally applicable to anyone’s life in these pressure cooker times. This will be followed by lead single ‘Blue Skies’ in November, an epic, blissful, sun-kissed Californian mid tempo song with lush string arrangements and perhaps Jay’s most emotive vocal to date - pure class. Make sure you comment and tell us what you think on

Expect international release dates to be on or around the UK release date.  The album is starting to appear on music store websites (such as HMV and for pre-order, which is where the plain black/white artwork image is taken.

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NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOO Rock Dust light star album name ???? come onnnnn i expected something much better ;( ;( ;( every album had a cool name but this one and dynamite :S :S suck as album namee + the song was average . Hope the rest will be totally totally different

That's nice isn't it! (above)

I guess it's back to the drawing board.

Great news, maybe the best news, in a while! The release is just prior to my birthday. Hope the album is worth all the hype, but I'm sure I will like it anyway :) Finally, I am asking all of you not to judge the whole album beforehand because of the one new song some don't like. Let's wait until november, shall we?

Woo hoo ! Can't wait .....will a tour be forthcoming?

Am looking forward to hearing "Blue Skies": "an epic, blissful, sun-kissed Californian mid tempo song with lush string arrangements and perhaps Jay’s most emotive vocal to date". What a mouthwatering description!

I'm with you Anna - can't wait to hear "Blue Skies"....and sure the rest of the album!!

Rock,Dust,Light,Star is obviously a clear reference to how we all got here, i.e. how the planet and its residents came to be. How more deep, poignant and 'Jamiroquai' can you possibly be?! After a sumptuous description of the albums content like that, I find it beyond belief that can you be disgruntled that it does not have a 'cool name' (even though it clearly does - if you have more than three brain cells to your name). Personally, this is the best news I've had on the music front for a long time and I have already booked the 1st of November off to spend the day listening to it.

The White knuckle rock walk on was tight.. perfectly sums up why I love Jamiroquai. They capture groove in a way that is beyond words--- I can't wait to hear more and see them live again again and again :)

Fantastic news. Saw Jam play at nearly all their gigs this summer. Have to say that the best concert by far was at the Moon and Stars in Locarno. Jay was unbelievable.. high octane and giving out the most incredible vibe... and the band were rocking.

I agree with Bulfonk. Of the 3 track titles released so far 'Rock Dust Light Star' is definitely the best for a title track. Imagine the panic if they announced the new album would be called 'Blue Skies'. That sounds like a classic disco funk album!! One thing for sure is that, no matter what the title, the album will be a treat. Bring on the tour.

Are Jamiroquai releasing a new album? I think they should call it 'Blue Skies' if they are.

Oh, happy day! Oh, happy day!! Can't wait for the album to hit the stores and for the guys to finally come out to the US to promote it!!!!


Waaaaaaaat, big newz!

Finally, you lazy asses ;)

Hehe and i thought "Dynamite" was a pathetic album name! Now i'm lovin' it when see now the new albums called "Rock Dust Light Star" :S well, I still hope the music is fine! :S

I hope 'Blue Skies' is another Seven Days or Stillness.

I think we should not talk about the album's songs. We've listened to 2 songs already.

I think it will be a WONDERFULL album.

Amazing news! FINALY! New album news at last! And Buffalo Man is back! So much for that photo from that gig that was gonna be the cover lol! Rock on the light dust star!...

What a beautiful way to start off the week! I am so happy!

I can't find the exact release-date of 1st of November on the site... Where did you get the info of the 1st?

Im thinking, does the album actually need a name? Think Jamiroquai is strong enough on its own.

Looking forward to the albums release and tour (Hopefully - please can you throw in some small gigs - like Debut London - tickets by ballot, some of the funds raised going to Captive Animals Charity)

Jury is out on White Knuckle Ride - havent heard enough in the You tube clip. The less produced, and refined, the better for me. Keep the edge to it. But know you cant please everyone all of the time. Got to be true to artistic self.

Roll on November, and beyond -Good luck Guys!

don' t say you don't like it wait to here the full album

At last God heard my prayers!!! i am liking the feeling of it!!!! God Bless Jamiroquai!!


Can't wait for 1st November! Bring it on! Great album title thus confirming track RDLS on the album (possibly track #1?) - anyhow I love the live version of RDLS especially the verses so here's hoping it sounds as good on disc. Mercury and Jay appear to be getting this spot on - yes, I know it is still early days into this era but releasing a limited vinyl single before the "proper" 1st single is a wise move I reckon. Let the track leak out, get play then hit 'em with "Blue Skies" (which sounds a gorgeous track off the description) to get the funk flowing again. "White Knuckle Ride" sounds brilliant from the sample too, remix or no remix.

A new jamiroquai album...

Por finnnnnn !!!

Finalyyyyy !!!

I dont get you guys, you slate the first glimpse of the album and song but i know you will change your mind when you hear the full album, critics you are yes but this sounds like a new thing that will bring back jamiroquai back to the limelight and be the best live band out there, good on you boys well done :)

I am so excited for the new album. I am needing some new Jamiroquai vibes in my life. Word up! Proud of you guys for going strong after so many years and so many ups and downs. Proof that good friendship and good music is forever.

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