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Added on Friday 26 June 2009, 18:44 (BST)

Following the death of Michael Jackson on Thursday 25 June, Jay Kay has posted a short statement at  It reads:

"A tragic loss, he was only ten years older than me. I was hugely influenced by "Off The Wall" particularly. He will always be remembered for that level of brilliance which will doubtless never be replicated again. It's very sad news." Jay Kay

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Yea, Off the wall is my favorite album too. So Disco Sounding. Rock with you, Workin' Day and Night, Off the Wall. Great Songs. Michael Jackson was an inspiration to many, even Jay Kay. I was looking forward to his new album too. RIP Michael Jackson.

Definitely, "Off The Wall" is the best Album of Jacko.
I hope Jay could make some cover of any song of this record (my favorites: "off the wall" and "rock with you").

Rest in peace Michael. :(

I feel the same, it is truly the whole world's loss:(

"Get on the floor" and its terrible bassline and brass!
"Rock with you" and its sweet sunny vibes! "I can't help it" and its onirical atmosphere...what a terrible album and what a very sad loss...So quick...So cruel...Life is very short,remembers my friends: "Time won't wait for you" Rest in peace Monsieur.

'Off the Wall' is the best album by the King of Pop. It's a great disco album. I love Off the Wall, Working Day and Night, Rock with You, Don't Stop til You Get Enough, and Burn this Disco Out. They should add these classic songs to their new album. Rest in Peace Michael Jackson.

he's still alive
his music will never die...

Never forget where you come from Jay.

That's what you are, that's what you are... Deep Love and respect for eternity Michael.

He made great music and his talent will always be remembered.

RIP Michael

Off the wall inspired me to a journey of disco then funk. His death has left a void which can't be filled.He will be sadly missed as a artist who gave so much to his medium. Hail Michael! May his soul rest in peace

Off the Wall: a must-have. Simply a masterpiece for disco and funk lovers. A wonderful artist vs a lonely and desperate man. I hope he will find his happines in heaven.

I've followed you from the after-hour party dens of Toronto some 17 years ago and watched in silent appreciation as you matured and still "kept it real". Its unfortunate its taken Mikes demise for me to come out - "God bless" pal, - for giving credit where it's due. How about going ahead with the O2 gig as a tribute; I'm sure Prince, Madonna & Brittney are good to go. I can front some funds if needed. Peace & love, El_Shabazz.

We all love the funk and the dance moves. It's a human pleasure. Michaels' contribution to us all is just so great and beautiful. He's not gone. Not while he influences other greats like Jay K and the sound of Jamiroquai.

Michael is a "thriller" in every sense of the word. And I am so thankful to have been able to enjoy him in his element.

I hope he's at peace now. He gave so much pleasure to so many people in such a short time. Off The Wall, along with Thriller, and the Jackson stuff, are, in my opinion, his best work. His material body is gone, but his soul is eternal.

It's a big loss for us, i think too that off the wall is a greatest albu from Micheal particulary don't stop till you get enough, this song was so perfect. Somme regards has gone with him.

There's a part in the video 'You Rock My World', where you see the back of Michael walking (dancing) down the stairs. Always reminds me of Jay, with reference to the move he does / did.
It's somewhat egotistical to say that there'll never be anyone like Michael Jackson again, and as long as this world keeps spinning, there won't be.
Peace. xoxoZed.

It's a shame these two never met for a collaboration. But I did mix some of their music together. For example: Off the Wall + Little L = pretty coolidea.

Yeh, it sucks that he's gone, but you look at the legacy that he left behind and you see that he's been making music for almost half a century.

It was a great era, so i'm happy and grateful for all the music; that's probably the best way to honor his memory. Cosmic Nostalgia!!

I heard off the wall in a burton store up in Chicago last year for the first time and I remember everybody in the shop looking at the merchandise and dancing around while the manager said out loud, michael always makes feel all alright... his music will keep on doing that same thing, may god keep him in his glory

Wery das new for the word. I agree Jay.

I always say that Jamiroquai is my life, but sincerely I was a very big Michael Jackson's fan before Jamiroquai, since 1987 when I was only 9 years old. Michael was the kind of amazing talent that comes along once in a lifetime. I hope that Jay will make a cover of a MJ's song on next album, "Rock With You" is perfect for Jamiroquai! Please visit

Bravo Jay, Bravo!!! Thank you for the respect you've given Michael! This makes me even more proud to be a Jamiroquai fan! Kudos to you too, David!!!

That comment was very refreshing to me being a native of Gary, Indiana .... While the city celebrates the life and arts of our favorite homeboy .... The King of Pop .... Michael Jackson. Me living five minutes away from where he grew up is very emotional and comforting to see people from all over the world come and pay their respects. Thank you for your comment and can't wait to see JAMIROQUAI in concert in the U.S.A.

Very sad news indeed. A week on and I still can't get my head around it.

R.I.P Michael,

Here is a site with breaking news about his death...

Also add comments.

His music will live on.

Mine, too.

As with most people posting here, Off The Wall is one of my favourite albums as well, but if you mention this to most people they've never even heard of it. This and a couple of the Jacksons' albums are, in my opinion, definitely his best work. And when I say this, people inevitably say, "Don't you mean the Jackson 5?" NO - Don't be such a sheep!


Good reason to see why the Jamily is so special...most of us have heard every album and then some of Jamiroquai.

Hopefully now we will hear more of MJ's songs on the radio. Seemed such a long time hearing any... like his music was just locked out of the airways. I wonder if this was just a USA thing.

I thought the memorial service was wonderful! MJ was honored for being a loving man and a risk taker.....what a great legacy to leave.

I think it was just an American thing, Iroquoilady, as I quite often heard MJ's music on the radio in the UK, although admitedly it was usually his most famous, and in my opinion, not his best tracks.

I was quite pleasantly surprised by the Memorial Service, as I dreaded that it was going to be quite a tacky affair. When I first turned it on I saw/heard Mariah Carey warbling and waving her hand up and down in that annoying way that only she can and feared the worst. However, when Stevie Wonder came on he totally blew me away with his performance; it was possibly the best live performance I've seen from anybody for years (excluding Jamiroquai of course). Now THAT's singing with feeling.

Sorry Iroquoislady, I spelt your name incorrectly. I apologise.



You know now, YOU, you give me somethin...somethin that nobody else can give!


Thanks Iroquoislady. *Bob blushes* ;-)

"Blame it on the Boogie Live 1978"

I like it about 4 min in :D

youtube link BTW

I stand united with the MJJ Community who are in deep mourning. Stay strong, all of you! Sending you much love.

I've been a big MJ fan all of my life and had tickets to his July 13th concert and still can't believe he has passed away. Thank god Jamiroquai are still going strong or i would have no more decent music to listen too.

Please stay healthy JK
Rest in peace MJ

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