Live at Montreux Blu-Ray release

Added on Thursday 26 February 2009, 10:01 (GMT)

On 11 May 2009 the Jamiroquai Live at Montreux 2003 concert will be released on high definition Blu-Ray.  From the credits of the original DVD release in 2007 it was noted that the concert was filmed in high definition and its great the the people at Eagle Vision have been able to release the concert in HD.

I don't have details of exactly which countries it will be released in although links have been spotted on French ( - 12 May) and English ( - 11 May) sites.

Credit: Tim Page and Francois Wiart

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by Label: Eagle, thats nice; will get one

Hell yes

hmmmm.... doesn't look good for the USA. I emailed Eagle Rock Ent. about this a few months back and they said that they had no plans to release in Blu-Ray. However this may have just been said in order to not stop people from slowing the DVD version sales. Even as a current DVD owner, I would double dip.

Didnt you check, thats all a buisiness... sony wanted an contract with jamiroquai, because they saw he is a special music-man...its important to feature music-productions are not concerns!!!!...... and excuse, but I am not invest in sony, no way... sony like to manipulate people, not more. didnt you saw the advertisings all the time? they bought jamiroquai for a lot of money... for get his magic???? there are artist, great artist, we should invest in smaller producer.. not in sony. hope you understand.

Eagle Vision is in no way connected to Sony.
And you're talking about magic. If there's even magic in Jamiroquai, it's in live you'll ever be able to see it.
So this might be a nice purchase.


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