Funk Affair with Hazel Fernandez

Added on Wednesday 25 February 2009, 11:52 (UTC)
Funk Affair
Funk Affair - a group featuring Jamiroquai band members Derrick McKenzie, Rob Harris and Paul Turner will be joined by Jamiroquai backing singer Hazel Fernandez for their performance at Ronnie Scotts club in London's Soho on 1 March.

For more information about Funk-Affair please check and to buy tickets please visit the Ronnie Scotts website.

According to their MySpace page, Funk Affair are also performing at Ronnie Scotts on 5 April, 3 May and 7 June.  Please be aware that 5 April is the same date as Jamiroquai's concert at the Malaysian Grand Prix and because of this Derrick, Rob and Paul will not be performing that night.  Rest assured there will be some more than capable performers stepping in to take their place.

UPDATE (5 Mar): Please be aware that according to the Funk Affair MySpace page, "From April '09 the line-up will change to feature new funk talent + some established names." This means that for future gigs Jamiroquai bandmembers may not be performing with Funk Affair. Check the Funk Affair & Ronnie Scotts websites for accurate line-up details.

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