Jamiroquai in talks with Universal Music?

Added on Friday 19 December 2008, 07:10 (GMT)

The Daily Mirror newspaper (UK) is reporting that the band are " talks with Universal over a new deal... Negotiations have been going on for some time but it seems things have been smoothed out."  More information about Universal Music UK can be found at

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absolute load of crap from the mirror again!

Now I really don't know what to believe or not. I wouldn't be surprised if they were dealing with a major, but I'm sure the deal would be a little more on Jay's terms rather than when they signed to Sony all those years ago.

"Jay is desperate to get back into the game again"...
I can't understand why he doesn't get a indipendente f###g label on their own!!! OMG Jamiroquai is MUSIC, good music, a great frontman and stunning musicians. They are powerful and they still can make dope music. All the major of this world are glad to put their hands on it.........

Sorry guys, I can't understand what Jay is doing, I really hope he's confused and this moment will pass soon.

Maybe he should build his own Reclab, or pay a visit to his good friend toby smith :)

*extreme sarcasim* great choice of pic!

As long as Jay is completely satisfied with the deal he gets -with whom ever he chooses to sign with- I am just happy to know we'll be getting more music from him and the guys to add to our Jamiroquai collections. HOORAY!!!!!

well, i do want they do a big hit in 2009...but i really doubt is this universal deal is real...

jay, jamiroquai
go independiente¡¡¡

I don't really care what happens as long as the music is good...

The difference between now and then is that Jamiroquai are now an established act, with all of their albums reaching #1 around Europe, Japan, etc., so any deal now is much more likely to be on their terms- they've come a very long way since the first deal, you know!! One would imagine that there's nothing to worry about, should the Universal deal go through. If the songs are ready to go, then it's a matter of getting them onto a physical format- Think what Radiohead did with "In Rainbows", and you MIGHT be on the right lines regarding any forthcoming deal (great album, by the way, and an example of how artistic expression and quality didn't suffer when getting the songs onto disc). Setting up an independent label, however ideal, isn't as easy as you would think; there's the promotion, distribution and plenty of factors to consider, let alone getting that business off the ground- more so when you consider the current climate and whatever else. Let's wait and see!!

I hope its funk this time, last few albums have been pop/disco electro nonsence!!

Bring back the funk JK if you've still got it, if your ego's not destroyed the funk!!

Horns and great grooves like Emergency on PLanet earth or space cowboy, lets face it since toby and Stu left, they've gone down hill, is it any wonder they left!!


Well, I really gave Jamiroquai and Jay Kay a huge discount for the last 2/3 albums, and I thought definitely leaving the band with the last album (total crap) but well ... ok, the man decided to get really famous and do some serious money, that is legitimate for any person,and pop was the only way .. OK I apologise it. But if the next one doesn´t at least have 3 or 4 tunes in old raw jamiroquai jazzfunk style, I think this band will be definitely out of my map. Jay should do some serious thinking in his work to not be ending his adventure like if Jami were just some average pop band, when they had moments of pure music GURU´s unknown for most of the public. They should definitely return to their roots if they want to end it by the big door. Jay think about that, you were no N Sync, no Backstreet boys or Take That, you were innovative, retro styled jazzy idealistic jamiroquai.

thanks joshua, some hearts are still beatin' on the REAL love style.
and whatever the next EP, I discovered JMK lyrics this night for the first time... and I can tell you I needed some of this funky spiritual rebel vibes. and man! what have I been doing since 93'storm??

well, honestly I don´t expect anything, the truth is since Zender left and Kay is on full command Jamiroquai has become worst and worst over time in all levels (music quality, lyrics content, defined image and identity, voice ..). I don´t believe that now, nearly 10 years later, they get back on the track. I hope mr Kay surprises me, but I think I won´t be wrong, they seem more than ever lost in space. Anyways now there are no excuses, Sony left them and they have full artistic freedom, so, for me too, this will be their last of the lasts shot.

See I was right, I posted this on Jamoirotalk in May. My sister used to work for a division of Universal, and her boss told her he was in negotiations with Jay, the manager had been out for a meal and drinking together. I was quite suprised as I always thought Jay would not get involved in a contract again, But I'm sure he knows what he doing this time!

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