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Added on Saturday 13 December 2008, 23:28 (GMT)

Jamiroquai keyboard player Matt Johnson has posted a message to his MySpace blog giving an update on what he has been working on recently.  Here are a couple of things that he talks about...

"It's been a mad busy year for me making what is going to be a monstrously good new album with Jamiroquai... I'm really looking forward to touring the new album with Jay and the chaps next year, I really think it's going to be a special album..."

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sounds like good news :D

nice to hear matt ;-)

amazing news!

I second that motion!

"...a monstrously good new album..." Love the sound of that!

I can't wait!:-)

I just hope they get back to jazz roots. Enough of pop ..

JK was on Top Gear tonight, picking up his award for best dance and track time this year...

Saw JK's Top Gear run on YouTube for the first time...hysterical..."You really are a gutless piece of Yankee s--t, honestly!"

As for Matt...Moshi, yeah...unique bit of music there.

I reeeelllly hope so mate! The pressure is on Jay to produce. I think he should do a David Bowie and revamp his image.

I cant wait to dance on the tour back again

Only the sound can judge... Words blow up like wind. Hope it will be for the best.

i can't wait till the new tour¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

we miss JAMIROQUAI, we want the new album fast as the band caaaaan

"monstrously good new album with Jamiroquai"

no more words!!!

JK said one interview recently the next album will come out around May and have ** tracks. He said music industry has changed, which need him to work on that much tracks. I won't say how many tracks it will have because he said it's a secret. All I can say is if the number of tracks he said is true, it will be GREAT indeed. :)

I can't wait :), please JK don't forget Peru :)



Don't talk about quantity. I want quality : horns, real drums, fat bass, trully melody, pure sound. Not stupid computers. Agree ?

Yes, I totally agree with you Orenda :) Quality fisrt, but his comment about quantity was an exciting news as well.
JK added the next album gonna be eclectic like bit of Jazz and bit of funk etc. He also said the way they're structuring and building this album is quite diffrent from what they had done before and they will be very fresh and big next year, which is what he said.

I dont know if i must be optimistic with theses news. I dont wanna many kind of music, style, like rock, jazz, "funk". just want the band i love since the beginning, which lost his way few years ago.

Agree with Orenda, please include wind instruments

I go with those who hope it'll include Jazz and "blowers".
About "revamping" the image and doing a David Bowie kind of thing... I try to imagine Jay in a Ziggy Stardust kind of(spandex)suit... mm, don't know if that really trills me ;)

this item reminds me of the RHCP LP Stadium Arcadium. A good album but definitely too long, and repetitve. It would be a masterpiece with 8 tracks deleted. jamiroquai band must not do the same.

I am very very very excited about this news! Have high expectations and i'm sure they wont disapppoint! Cant wait for the new material...roll on 2009! :-D

I wonder if they're going to bring back horns. I hope so, but both in the midnight sun tour and in 2006 they said they wanted to do something fresh but all they do was to play (some) old tunes with new melodies. Old songs but not old melodies. So let me be a bit skeptical; no more disappointing stuff like -most of- the songs in the last album. Take your time and make a 'monstrously good new album'. YES YOU CAN

i'd think people are in agreement that it would be great to get back to a organic sounding album..nothing wrong with the odd Stevie Wonder sounding synthesier here and there but don't go Synkornised crazy...certainly get the brass out.

Whatever it sounds like the live dates will be highlights on my calender.

Back to roots!!!! Bring on 2009!!!!

Great news, I trust them, if they like it so will I do, I really hope they enjoy the whole process and the freedom from Sony, can't wait for the tour. we'll have a fantastic year, I feel it!

Wow! I can't wait the new album and the next tour, I hope they come back to Mexico :)

Difficult for me to stay blind (like I used to be) because of the passion's grow up on me. 2009 resolution : I'll wait for this album and I will know his release ONLY watchin' inadvertently the videoclip on MTV stuff or else, sayin' myself "What's this ? It sounds good, very good...".

I don't wanna know how many tracks, their definitive names, how they sound, horns or not (even if I wish) ... It's strange to know "entirely" the album before his release. Don't like that. So this news will be the last one for me. See ya in April/May ! Peace Funkers ;)

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