Vote for Jamiroquai in the MTV Top 10 Greatest Videos Ever

Added on Monday 18 August 2008, 12:00 (BST)

This summer on MTV (UK) they are looking into the archives to define the greatest music video ever made.  Experts from MTV TWO, MTV BASE and VH1 have already set out their opinions on the Top 100 videos in their respective genres and Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity has been nominated in VH1's Greatest Video Ever Top 10.The combined MTV TWO, BASE and VH1 Top 10s have now been given to the public to vote at  It will also be possible to vote in-store at HMV stores nationwide.

Voting closes at midnight on 14 September and the ultimate Top 10 Greatest Videos Ever will be revealed on Sunday 21 September at 7pm across MTV (UK) channels.

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AGGGGH! The thing keeps on sayin that I've submitted the maximum amount of votes-even tho I only sent the one! And it's like a maze of pop up options! Crabby! But I will fight on!! Jamiroquai powwwa as my sis would say!! ^^

Ahah yeah!!! xD
Same for me.. it says that I've submitted the maximum amount of votes! :/

...i wanna vote, will make Guatemala vote for Jamiroquai!! -yey- Virtual insanity IS the best video ever made!! [Space Cow..]

...and the same is here, why?

MTV? Whatever...

It seems that the voting system is working now...
At least for me

Posambique: thanks for letting me know. I've been emailing someone at MTV about this and it should be fixed now for everyone.

It works for me now :)
Thanks David!

Now we did it once, can we do it again?

VI rocks the floor!


Ill vote soon

Jamiroquai rules!

It's the Arizona white girl from across the pond....I just took a long time...but hey...I am surprised by what this contest thought was competition with VI. Just like Jay has said in the past...lots of "hip-hop thrown together crap"....same ol same ol...the video to come closest in my opinion is Peter Gabriel's - Sledgehammer....I sure hope that this contest reveals what comes from REAL creativity, desire and passion for the song in every sense and "hands on" work as the best video. I love Jamiroquai and appreciate all the work that went into this shows that it took work...and it brings it.
This was the song that got me looking into the band because it showed the band had something I'm part of the Jamily... (Big Smile)

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