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Added on Sunday 17 August 2008, 07:57 (BST)

On Saturday night Jamiroquai performed the last of their current set of tour dates - at the Tobit Arena in Ahaus, Germany.  The band were on stage later than expected after a mix up with aeroplanes flying to Germany (another band took Jamiroquai's flight and the plane Jamiroquai were on wasn't heading to Ahaus!!).  The setlist was as follows:

  • The Kids, High Times, Space Cowboy, Little L, Travelling Without Moving, Black Capricorn Day, Cosmic Girl, Seven Days In Sunny June, Alright, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground

In addition to Jamiroquai performing, the concert also had The Brand New Heavies and Nude Continuum on the same stage, so I'm sure it was a really great night.  More information/photos/videos will no doubt be posted online at, but feel free to post any links as comments to this news item.

Don't also forget to check sites such as Flickr and YouTube as photos and videos from the gig are starting to get posted online.

Now that the tour is over there's no time for rest for the band as Derrick, Rob and Paul are performing at a drum/guitar masterclass in England on Sunday afternoon.


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Good vibes with the Jamily !!! What a day, what a night !! The band was really enjoying to play, and they had a lot of fun ! Jay was in a perfect mood !!
Thanks to all Jamily for a wonderful day, thanks to the Nudes for your kindness and a good show !

A wonderful end to án amazing Jamirosummer!
thanks jamily, thanks to thé band and to the german people:

amazzzzing!! first one and right gonna be one of the best for years i can tell!!

jamily rulesss, great people
Nudie people, love ya, tnx Leon and youre brother again for getting me backstage ^_^ and ofcourse the other ones to for the great time !!! ;)
Jamiroquai => great people !!! rob noticed my messages on myspace =D
and of course Jay Kay, great guy, really amazing ^_^

i can go on like this lol
anyway, great time!! love ya all

Hey Guys!!!!
unbeliveble the good vibes we feel during that gig!!!
Everybody happy and cool!!
Thanks to Derrick to be always a gentleman,
all the members of the band are so cool!!
kisses to Lucia, hope to see you soon again soon you re welcom in France.

and now everybody Rock the Floor

I am from Bulgaria and i went all the way to Germany just to see Jamiroquai in Ahaus and the gig was FANTASTIC!It turned out great! JK and the band were the best!

Hey Blondie, just a question, do you have curly hair ?

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