Jamiroquai drum/guitar "masterclass" event

Added on Thursday 07 August 2008, 08:58 (BST)
Masterclass event flyer

This is a reminder to people in the UK that on Sunday 17 August at The Residence in Great Yarmouth (UK), Jamiroquai musicians Derrick McKenzie (drums), Paul Turner (bass) and Rob Harris (guitar) will be holding a "masterclass" event.

"Hear them perform famous Jamiroquai tracks, and reveal the secrets of how they work as a unit - a masterclass music event."

The event starts at 4pm and tickets can be purchased from vendors as shown on the promotional poster for the event.  The event is being organised by Elusive Events Management who can be found at

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i hope i can one day attend such a masterclass event!!!! if u have the chance really use this opportunity!!

I dont think i will make it being the night after Ahaus - will Derrick,Rob & Paul!! hehe.

The guys will be there, fresh faced and ready to funk!


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