Buffalo Man one of the greatest band logos

Added on Wednesday 06 August 2008, 22:43 (BST)
Buffalo Man logo have put an article online listing The 50 Greatest Band Logos Of All Time! and Jamiroquai's 'buffalo man' logo is in the list at number 22.

The list was chosen by the staff of and I believe they picked a good logo to top the list.

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the BM rules!!!!!!!! :))))

...."If only Jamiroquai's music had the quality to match"....WHO ON EARTH WROTE THIS ARTICLE??!

No kidding, I thought it was cool until I read that part...what fool to say such a thing...maybe who ever wrote the article has never heard Jamiroquai.

don´t worry about it!
u know there are crap articles out there..dont´take it serious :)
it´s good the logo appears there !


Buffalo Man, deep inside my soul... Concerning this article, that's why I deeply love this band : they are underrated. If they are blind, I can see the light...

Should be heigher than 22, loads of rubbish before it. And what a stupid statement to make!!

In response to the statment about Jami's music, whoever wrote that is an ignorant idiot that should not voice his opinion when they obviously don't know the impact Jami's music's has on Millions of fans!!!!

that's why it's a popular tattoo!


Such a stupid comment!

The thing about music is that there is not any good or bad music - it is all down to individual's own opinion as to what is good and bad.

Therefore, the person who wrote this obviously doesn't like Jamiroquai, and has chosen to stamp their opinion home within the article, when the article should have ideally been written 'sat on the fence' with no opinions expressed.

People need to realise that other people shouldn't have to think what they think, and have respect for other people's opinions, likes and dislikes.

Poor journalism!

There surely is good or bad music .There are rules
like in maths .If someone does not know how to use them he can cause real disgust to serious listeners.
About the buffalo man :something reminds of an iron virgin - creepy if true.Is there a story about it ?

...."If only Jamiroquai's music had the quality to match".... It makes you want to punch the guy!

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