Jay in a reasonably priced car - the rematch!

Added on Monday 21 July 2008, 15:11 (BST)

Back in October 2002, Jay took part in the "Star In A Reasonably Priced Car" feature of BBC motoring TV show Top Gear. Jay raced around a test track only two seconds slower than a professional racing driver and throughout the ten week series, Jay was the fastest celebrity around the track.

His time has since been broken (a number of times) and the record (in the car that they now use for the feature) is currently held by Simon Cowell.  Well, according to an interview with Andy Wilman (Top Gear producer) on the Top Gear website, Jay is planning to challenge the record this week - in the final episode of the current series.

"Finally, as I write this, Jay Kay is coming down with his sights fixed firmly on Cowell's lap time. In truth, I think he's the only star around at the moment with the speed to knock Cowell off the top, and bugger me is he hungry for it. So, no rain dances from anyone please. Let your gardens wither - we need a dry track on Wednesday."

The weather forecast is so far looking promising and although the show is filmed during the week the result won't be broadcast until Sunday (27 July) from 20:00 on BBC 2.

For information, the current 'celebrity' leaderboard and the previous leaderboard can be viewed at the Top Gear website.

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AHHHH Fantastic - been waiting for this i really have!!
was wondering when he was on it next :)))
Knock the smug git off Jay!!

Go Jay!! You can do it perfectly! =)

i wonder if jay will be doubled up with another celebrity like they have been doing in this top gear series?!!?

maybe the italian guy from that tribute band could double jay up. no wait, if he drives like he sings, he would make jay blush hahaha

Niiiiiiiiice ;)

can't wait to see it!

The best of luck to Jay! If anyone can do it, he can:)


Now I just wish I had a ticket to go to the filming! :D

Oooh...can't wait to see this! Best of luck Jay!

That will be great to see - go Jay go!!!!


So when can we see this in the U.S.It does air on channel 162 BBC. On Monday's- Or will they have it on You Tube?? SWEEEEEEEEET !!!!

I see TopGear, BBC 2 this sunday 21:00 (dutch time)

Is this the show?

This was posted on the Top Gear website on Friday...

"Top Gear favourite Jay Kay drops in for a chat and has another bash at a lap in the Reasonably Priced Car. Everyone was banking on him to take the top spot on the celeb lap board and wipe the perma-smirk off Simon Cowell’s face in the process. The track's dry but the weather is warm enough to take the edge off a weedy engine's performance. 1:45.9 is the time to beat and Jay is hungry for victory."

Did anyone else get the feeling he didnt like the car much...? haha. But.. another record broken! :D Hes just a 'record breaker' ha.. Well done Jay

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