Jay is friends with a Dragon!

Added on Monday 21 July 2008, 13:26 (BST)

In a BBC Radio 1 interview with Peter Jones, one of the 'Dragons' in BBC television series Dragons Den (which starts its sixth series this week), he reveals that he's a big fan of Jamiroquai and that Jay and himself have become good friends.

Do you get any celebrities calling you up for business advice?

Oh yeah. Now it's amazing how the floodgates have opened, which is quite eerie and quite odd. One of my closest friends is a guy who I have literally loved his music for 14 years and he's become a very close friend of mine, JK from Jamiroquai. It's quite surreal and he's sitting there with him and he's sort of looking at me saying, 'I love your show and I love what you do and I love your business,' and I'm sitting there thinking, 'You've got the best musical mind in the business.' And you just think, 'Crikey it's incredible.' I need to be pinched sometimes.

Do you actually give JK any business advice?

We have actually talked about a couple of things. I do give him business advice. The only thing I'd like back from him is that I'd like him to teach me to sing and get a hit record out there...

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