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Added on Tuesday 15 July 2008, 21:32 (BST)

If you're a fan of ex-Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender then you can't do much better than being a regular visitor to  Stuart recently gave an interview to Bass Magazine (a scan is available at the website) where he talks about a number of things including how some of the basslines to Jamiroquai songs were written...

Q: How do you write your basslines? SZ: To be honest with you, I don't think about it - I just do it. Most of the stuff is an accident, it just works out. In Jamiroquai, Jay would come up with some bassline ideas, and I'd further it from there. He's the most amazing songwriter and performer. I saw them without me for the first time about two years ago and it was a bit of a weird one! They were good, but it was different - I guess it's not the essence of what we were. 

The full interview can be read via, and a couple of days ago Stuart posted a message on his MySpace blog where he gives his (honest) opinion on the interview and the rest of the magazine...

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Yes it was a great interview. Stuart never really thought he was looked at as an icon for years...never knew exactly how good he really was!!! Awesome.

"I saw them without me for the first time about two years ago and it was a bit of a weird one!" I suppose he's talking about the Lovebox Festival. And I definitely agree about the essence thing

yes - he was misquoted in this interview though - grrr! journalists!
He is fantastic with Ronson though:)

"I guess it's not the essence of what we were". JAMIROQUAI ESSENCE.

Totally agree with Stu. You know, I'm not an "old school" addict (Synkronized is my favourite album) but Jamiroquai is a strong identity. And most of it has been sold with the time. When I often talk about horns, it's not about a section "lost" behind the stage. It takes part of Jamiroquai's essence. Entirely. Can someone imagine the band without Bass ? Definitly not. The same thing for Horns. Unfortunately, I don't see the things "evolve" in the right direction. And it's disappointing. Really. But they're still unique. In my blood...

I agree with you Catalonia, and I saw him seeing them from the front row, and it was definitley a wierd one.

Come home Stu, just come back home!

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