Dutch trumpet player to duet with Jamiroquai

Added on Monday 14 July 2008, 09:21 (BST)

At the 2008 North Sea Jazz Festival that was held in The Netherlands this past weekend, Dutch trumpet player Rik Mol spoke briefly in an interview about the news that he is going to record some music with Jamiroquai.  He said that he is going to record his second album with "the guys."  Rik said that he is happy about the opportunity to work with the band - he met them whilst performing in London and loves the feeling of rhythm in their music.

UPDATE (15 July 2008): I have been told that Rik Mol will be doing some work with Rob (Harris), Derrick (McKenzie) and Paul (Turner) - and not recording with Jamiroquai.  This work (as with other 'side projects' that the bandmembers are involved with) will be done when the band are not working on the new Jamiroquai album, which currently takes priority.

Credit: Marco Kleine Deters, Natalie

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Will The band (I mean all the musicians except Jay)play with and for Rik, or will the trumpet player jam on further Buffalo's album ?

The interviewer did ask Rik about Jay Kay (or more like..his name is jay eeeh Kay)
But in his speed of asking Rik questions, he never gave hime the time to answer that question.

He just mentioned Derrick, and "the guys".

Thanks ;) So it would probably be the first one.

I can't add much on the Jamiroquai side to the news item, but I have been a fan of Rik Mol for some time, and he is such a wonderful musician. Definitely up there with Robert Glasper for me of jazz talents I really dig.

Wow Deesh, you know Robert Glasper? I saw him with the soul cat Bilal performing here in Budapest, I loved his Rhodes sound!

I just updated the news story with a clarification (from Derrick McKenzie) on whether its Jamiroquai or just some of the band members that will be working with Rik.

I do want some trumpets, funky paradise-like back in.

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