Jay at the Salon Prive luxury car show

Added on Thursday 03 July 2008, 22:10 (BST)

After attending the same event in 2007, on Wednesday Jay was one of the guests at the 2008 Salon Prive luxury car show held at the Hurlingham Club in west London.

According to thelondonpaper newspaper "The singer rocket up to the a classic Porsche Speedster, only to be outdone by radio star Chris Evans arriving in his Ferrari California Spyder, which he bought last month for £2.8 million."

Some photos of Jay at the event can be seen at the Getty Images website.

UPDATE (4 July 2008): A short video of Jay at the event was broadcast on Channel 4 television (UK) on Thursday 3 July.  It is available to view (for UK viewers) at the Channel 4 website (about 14 minutes 40 into the clip).

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i'll check soon

i wonder if there's old vintage cars too

the old cars rock the world

Nice going moderator, you removed my comment although I didn't break the guidelines! Can you really find swear words / rude comments regarding OTHER POSTED messages / not related comments in the message below??

I wish that my favourite bands lead enchilada would not be such a dickless material lover. Listen, who are you kidding? You have bought a replacement for the thing in your trousers.. the bigger and more expensive your car is, the smaller your willy is... I see that the gingerhell Evans has a pinky in his pants.. thou that's not comforting at all, JK must have about the same... not that I'm interested in these chaps' dongles. Honestly. Well, JK, is emergency on planet earth ceased? Well aaalriighty then, carry on, push the pedal to the metal and release some CO2.. trees, they love it. Heart, kiss, kiss, heart.

Listen people, write only comments that will please the moderator. Yay for freedom of speech. ->exit

Nelle: I removed your original comment as I believe there are more polite ways of getting your message across.... Perhaps something like would be far more readable (to the worldwide readership of the site)....

I would have written... "I wish that my favourite bands lead singer would not be such a material lover. Oh, and he's comparing cars with Chris Evans - how exciting!! I wonder if Jay still cares for the environment as it sure doesn't look like it."

The message behind the news comment you posted is fine, its just the wording that I think could be expressed slightly more conservatively and still get the message across.

Well, I agree to some extent BUT, sometimes is better to use edgy and somewhat funny language to ACTUALLY reach and get the message across. The only "really" profane word in my comment IMHO is the *#ckless word. I could have written "a person with a very low self-esteem" but that would have had a minimal effect on the readers.

Anyways, sorry for the offending (really?) language.

But I think it was worth it. Maybe little by little changing people's attitudes one can make a difference and pressure all the big polluters (I'm polluting too but I try to control it, stopping would mean that I'd have to die) to think otherwise.

Nelle: Thanks for your reply. Have a great Friday.


Great Pics of Jay! =)

Im unable to watch the video clip, im in the US and my browser wont let me watch.

I can't find the video of Jay :(

Buggers you need to be a UK resident to see the video - hopefully one of our lovely UK friends can upload it for us poor fans not in the UK :)


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