Jamiroquai's "band" perform at birthday party

Added on Wednesday 25 June 2008, 07:16 (BST)

According to a few different news sources (including The Mirror newspaper, Now Magazine and The Star newspaper) at a recent 21st birthday party.  The music at the party was provided by musician/producer Mark Ronson who, according to the Mirror newspaper, "joined a supergroup, including Jamiroquai's band and DJs from Hed Kandi, and had the whole place rocking".

Now, we know ex-Jamiroquai bass player Stuart Zender works with Mark Ronson so perhaps that is the definition of "Jamiroquai's band"...

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Jamiroquai has had some wonderful band members in it...they are tops at what they do. Its great that in 15 years there are still some name droppers...of the present and the past.

1 million pounds for a 45 minute performance for a 21st birthday party (according to reports)? With or without 'Jamiroquai's band' - that shiz is just ultra ridiculous. Just my opinion though. I hope she had a good time...1 million pounds? really?

is there some way we can see it? hahah having paid 4 million for a party, there must be a recording! hahaha xD

what a lucky fan, there's more info?????

Agreed D. Most likely a good show but that's a insane amount of money...what could have been done with that money...geez..

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