Jamiroquai in Poland

Added on Saturday 21 June 2008, 21:22 (BST)

On Saturday evening Jamiroquai performed a free concert in Poland as part of the Wianki 2008 festival.  A few songs from the gig were broadcast online and if you head over to Jamirotalk you can find links to downloads from the online stream.

If you know the setlist, or have photos/video from the gig please feel free to post information/links as a comment to this news story.

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Here is the review thread... links to audio & video recordings included!

Awesome arrangement of SDISJ!!!
thanks for the fast uploads!

here the setlist
thanks to kk from jamirotalk...

Canned Heat
Seven Days In Sunny June
Space Cowboy
Corner Of The Earth
Black Capricorn Day
High Times
Cosmic Girl
Feels Just Like It Should
If I Like It I Do It
Travelling Without Moving
Little L
Love Foolosophy
Deeper Underground

Photos of the gig can be found on:

Please ignore earlier link; it's:

I just saw a video clip from the gig on YouTube and it looks like the band are playing on stage on one side of a large river, and the crowd are on the other river bank. How on earth can you get a good atmosphere with an environment like that - both for the band and also the fans - who by the look of things can hardly see one another. Bizarre setup if you ask me...

Yes u right, pity...
Full river of water - should be full ocean of fans :|

2003-2008, just the same story. I'm a bit disappointed to see the band performing live with only two backin' singers, without horns, playin' a various setlist but without real changes. Just like Midnight Sun Tour. A great set indeed; but five years ago... Moreover, how can't be frustrated when I see Derrick and the boys take part to REAL, acid Jazz groove killer, while Jamiroquai stop to "pop". Strange...

This video on YouTube has Jay's first words on the night as... "I wish you were a bit closer.....I can't see you".

lol this is such a funny set up...what did the fans need to see this ??! paddle boats would've been good ;) if u don't like your view ...paddle to the other side!

(hush ,the band has questions...)

Take into account the quality of the band and that it was free....oh boy....what a deal!

Maybe the band will be more likely to play in the USA now! :)

They must have felt so lonely on stage!
No another brick in the wall.... but another drop in the
great stage setting!!! does anyone has the runaway version?

something about this concert reminded of this ...
(best version of deeper underground ever -moving..)

At the website a number of tracks from Saturday nights concert in Poland can be watched. They show Canned Heat, Seven Days In Sunny June, Alright and Space Cowboy. The video then shows Little L (with the start missing) and finishes Deeper Underground (the final two tracks).

Thanks to Lola Caballero for the link.

regarding to the comment about band playing on the other side of the river.
I went for that Wianki Festiwal with my closest people on the earth.
Completely nackered we were standing on the top of the brick wall!!!!
watching a gig from -radiculuous distance.
Apparently if i could apply for "akredytacyjna form" i could be on the bloody boat front of the stage, which was designed for Press!- SOOOOO pretencious . sound was great i have to say who ever set up -AI clapping to the end of the horizon!
that was free concert i think we wouldn't expect anything better unfortunately.
Gig was full of the people who went there cuz:
OH famous musician , lots of going on-let's go and then sitting on the back annoying, not even showing interest.
I've got photos from that gig and i will upload them here, we can see only stage and Jay Kay with the band on LCD screeens....a buuuu
We are waiting for the new album, i think it's worth it to wait .

i wish the band can bring free shows over latin america too

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