Jay listed as one of the 'Worst Polluting Celebrity Motorists'

Added on Friday 02 May 2008, 06:28 (BST)

In a list of the 'Worst Polluting Celebrity Motorists', as reported on the Auto Trader (UK) website, Jay Kay is unsurprisingly right near the top of the list.

"Jamiroquai frontman and Ferrari fanatic Jay Kay is second in the research compiled by the City Car Club, emitting 444g/km thanks to his Ferrari Enzo and Bentley Continental"

Credit: Dave McCall

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I don't think they would've taken into account how much anyone drives their car.

What a waste of time! There are far more important things that people can do with other people's money...

i must admit, there is something in this...jay s kinda hypocrit...when u gonna learn jay?

who would refuse a Ferrari Enzo due to Carbon emissions?

I wouldn't, so I don't blame him for that.

Also, pollution is much more than just CO2 emissions. I bet there are somebody not on the list polluting rivers and cutting trees damaging the enviroment much more than all Enzos that exist.

Also, I believe an Enzo owner won't drive the same miles per year of a normal car, as it was simply not made for that. In the end, Jay's Enzo probably pollutes much less than the journalist car.

Exactly Lvcivs,

he is more of a collector and if he is out and about he would normally use the Audi.

Surely his helicopter is worse!!

He's not a communter. Silly.

Jay can use Biodiesel :) another combustible! Anyway I agree with Lvcivs! :)

Some people need to get past the whole idea that he should be this god-like figure, living the absolute minimal life. Rule #1 of being a journalist- Get the facts straight!! He doesn't drive all those cars everywhere, they're more collector items- Even before he wrote EOPE, he said that cars were always a passion of his. Doesn't make him a hypocrite- what was it he said? "That's less people actually driving them on the roads"/Something among those lines. He's supported numerous good causes, and still does, but instead, others have their own agendas and smear campaigns against the man.

The only thing these journalists are consistent in is their failure to look underneath the surface and understand what exactly is going on. Even when looking, they often look in the wrong direction.

Instead of picking on him, they could fill their lists with hypocritical politicians worldwide. What an asinine article.

Oh, and well before Jay, you could throw your excessive rappers into that mix, too!! Crock of You-Know-What, that's what it is.

Doesn't Jay drive an Audi for everyday use?

It's just column filling waffle.

Little H: I completely agree. The "list" was produced by a hire car company - and surely just to help promote more business coming their way. Never mind... That's business for you I guess.

Jay is great musician and i respect him and nobody can save the planet by measuring Jay's emission, so far he was one of the first musicians who have said about these problems long time ago but nobody listen... I do emission similar to Jay as i love my Mustang... Try to go back at least 100 years ago when technical revolution started, include other things then cars emissions (Hiroshima as one of many thousand examples) which we doned to this planet including me... Jay i like Your Enzo and thanks for Your music.

I think my rant was misunderstood: that article was a bunch of marketing gibberish. JK will always be respected for his passion of cars and his music.

Hey! What's wrong with you guys!! You are taking this far too serious and too personal...
Nobody is saying JK is responsible for our planet pollution...That's just one more of those rankings...filling in the blanks when you have nothing else more interesting to say.
On the other hand, it is natural to have is sane to have is human to have contradictions.
Our beloved Jay is nothing but a human being. He speaks out for several causes, and might no apply all of those rules for his ownn... Let's face it, the gorgeous, exquisit Enzo is not exactly a role model in emissions...One Enzo is not guilty for the mess where living in, but don't you think we all have to do our part, no matter how tiny the drop might be in the ocean?

That article is just nasty and wrong.. I'd be happy to take the enzo off his hands and do the Polluting on his behalf any day of the week, just name it.. :P

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