Jamiropedia launches online database of live Jamiroquai recordings

Added on Wednesday 30 April 2008, 22:17 (BST)

Although not complete (it never will be!), I'm pretty happy with the discography of recordings that lives here at  This site used to have a bootleg section but it was too much effort to maintain and some time ago this section was removed from the site.

Thankfully some other fans have decided to take this a step further and have just launched a new website, which can be found at 

"After collecting stuff for a long time, we think a site like this was needed, where all the Jamily could search for info of tv and live appearances."

The site is a searchable database of not just bootleg CD's and DVD's, but information about as many live recordings that are publicly known about.  The site is growing very quickly and if you have any information or updates to the site please contact the people behind this new site. 

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Awesome idea! Look forward to contributing anything I can to support this venture! Thanks!

MOJO WE LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a wonderful idea. I love the website.

Amazing, AAA, just great stuff, congrats

Thanks for supporting us.
From Spain,

The jamily comunity is growing... Thanks so much.

But where can we download the goods from!? :(

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