Oakley JK15 sunglasses promo photos and sale info

Added on Sunday 27 April 2008, 12:04 (BST)
Jay Kay - Oakley JK15 Split Thump sunglasses

After the original announcement in February, the limited edition (250 pairs) Oakley JK15 sunglasses go on sale on 1 May. has a number of pairs available in the online store, and they've also added a number of photos of Jay wearing the sunglasses to the official site.

Limited to 250 units worldwide, the JK15 Split Thump has a camo-style frame print featuring Jamiroquai’s famous  ‘buffalo man’  icon and comes pre-loaded with two classic tracks – Too Young to Die and Emergency on Planet Earth. Each pair has a Jamiroquai signature and JK15 logo on the inside arms and comes complete with customized microbags and packaging.

More information about the special edition Oakley JK15 Split Thump sunglasses can be found at

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i'm getting very interested now, hope they let it on the store longer then just end april
very nice pics to :)

I can't see myself (or my fiance for that matter) spending almost $600 US for a 1GB MP3 player. The glasses are very sharp though! Fits JK like a glove!

Too expensive for me !

reallly nice, but trust me - you can buy cheaper elsewhere:)

also the Oakley 'Eyepatch' he wears in the new clarion advert are cool and far more practical!

overpriced and to be honest, ugly. not everything w/ jamiroquai's name on it is worth it!

check this out guys!!!
jay is just spotted on a new clarion spot heres the link!!!!!

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