Rob Harris contributing on Udo's album

Added on Wednesday 23 April 2008, 06:51 (BST)

Free commuter newpaper Metro in Belgium printed an interview with Udo, the winner of X factor Belgium 2005, who has now released his second album called 'Good Things Coming'.  In the interview he is asked about working with Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris:  

Question: You worked together with the guitarist of Jamiroquai, how did you that happen? Answer: Rob Harris contacted me.  He found me through Myspace. I was just finishing the album but I arranged it so that we could write a song together.  It is surrealistic that a guitar God like him wants to work with a unsignificant Flemish singer. Music fades all borders away. 
Credit: Peggy Timmermans

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:o very nice :)
what a suprise rob works with someone new in the musicworld

and he has some good songs udo so, way to go !
flemish artist can be popular after all ^_^ :p

Music knows no bounds...I am proud to be a supporter of any new talent and Jamiroquai. Way to go Rob!!!

internet! YEAH!
contact with musicians all over the world is so easy nowadays...offers opportunities also to "not famous" ones...
a good thing huh?


I saw on myspace that Rob and Matt are also working with Gael Faure, young french singer who participate to the "Nouvelle Star 2006" (french X Factor)!!

Wonderful... Who's next ? It's only my opinion but this one of the thing which makes me "hate" web factor. There is no border anymore and everything has the same value. It's not really a sharing, just a division of its talent in small fractions through this virtual tunnel. I don't remember who said this, but I think always seem to be governed by this love we have
for useless, twisting of our then new technology...

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