Jamiroquai to play at Monaco Live 2008 Festival

Added on Tuesday 18 March 2008, 15:45 (GMT)

It has been announced that on Monday 7 July Jamiroquai will be performing at the "Monaco Live" festival being held in Port Hercule in Monaco.  More information can be found at and

Please note that these concerts (i.e., this and other recenlty 'announced' dates) have not yet been confirmed by, although it is common for event organisers to announce festival dates first for reasons of exclusivity. 

Credit: Laura

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What date and where will be next? At Montreux Jazz Festival, North See Jazz or our Sázavafest? ;)


oh my god cant the band take a more cheaper location^^

Monaco is a beautiful place would so love to go there for a holiday with my uni mates and enjoy a bit of live Jamiroquai, but its 3 days before i graduate so not great timing lol. Oh well there's always Portugal and Madrid :-)

:( why doesnt jamiroquai come here ?

i cant go there..

oh great! that'll be a budget trip then! lol

LOL @ Maxud ahahhahah!!!

it's ok Fra, Maxud can use my money tree i have planted especially for these occasions:)

Thanks for this great News but isn't it "Hercule"?

Dom2508: thanks for the correction. If you (or anyone else) spots any more please could you drop me an email rather than post here - as I don't read all of the messages posted and may miss it. Cheers.

What a great month July is for JMQ - hope some of the Jamily are able to go :) :) :)


Ohhh Russ!
Can i have some benefits too?
I promise ill be quiet durinng the gig ehehehhe!

Russ you have a money tree? Can you send me a few seeds or a cutting please!? Then we can pay for everyone to go! I'm really looking forward to seeing them! Fingers crossed for them to play in everyone's home country! (haha!)

Hope to make this one! Atlast to see them live. About costs-low Jet airlines do flights to Nice and even Hotels. There is also camping. And a pizza is often no dearer than in London. Come on folks. love from Montreux.

I would definately go!!!!!

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