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Added on Thursday 13 March 2008, 22:04 (GMT)
In April 2006 Jamiroquai percussionist Sola Akingbola launched a new section of his website called "Fan Focus" - where you can read all about a fan that "has touched Sola's soul."  Well, the second fan focus article has just gone online.  It's been a long while coming and I'm not sure that it was worth the delay - you'll have to decide for yourselves!

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A very interesting article David; a very interesting read indeed! What would we do without you?!! :)

Hi David, Nice Legs! Lots of info to read about you and your wife. But very interesting.Also thank you for the DVD video link. It works great, had my sister burn me a copy. Thanks, Luv, Carolyn P.

wonderfull David, just wonderfull!
I love to read and know stories of how ppl became fans and in your case ( man 1991!!) is even more interesting.

It's great to know a little bit more about you, David.
You're a great person and I thank you for all these years of information and good news every time... I love this site and I love jamiroquai

Very interesting! surely it was worth it)

#1 Fan
now your not just Funkin you are David


see how many people u brought together through this´s so amazing :))))
thx for all

Good read Davis. Funkin is great

Hi David!Thank you very much for you're GREAT WORK since the begining!! You're the man!

Congratulations on your work.I only became a Jami fan 6 years ago whilst zapping on the French channel M6, but have never seen them live yet.Hope for news of appearences this year!I am lucky to live near Montreux in the middle of Europe.Although I adore JK, I love news of the group and would like to know more about the Girls -great singers.Love and funk from Switzerland was worth it! so strange to think lovebox was 2 years ago almost.

Congratulations David, very nice read mate.
Hello my friend above me; I promise I'll write you. My album is finisssssssssshed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's gonna' be a trip when Lovebox will be twenty years ago!!!

Thumbs up, David!! You so deserved it to be on Sola's fanfocus!! It was of course worth the wait!! :)))
...ahh... lovebox... :)))... isn't the whole jamily-online-life one big LOVEBOX? ;)
.....COSMIC greetings from the MOUSE

totally agree meike..
zed !!! amazing congrats..where can i get one???

we all in 20 years...*imagines* hahahha

I'll write you on Myspace Sandriche. xo

David, what a wonderful write up - it's so great to hear how you got involved with JMQ and how you were there from the start - thanks for starting Funkin - it's a wonderful website and I always come here for my news on JMQ first :) :) :)


Your are the best David!! thank you.. thank you... for your time, effort and dedication to the band and bringing us the latest.. you deserve a gold star .. or something?.. Great to get to "know" you a little better from reading this info.. :D

Wow!! David, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to not only the band, but to all fans worldwide! May the funk be with you! Marathon man, huh? :)

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