Jamiroquai to perform at Russian Audi A4 launch

Added on Monday 25 February 2008, 21:16 (GMT)

According to the Russian Audi motorcar website Jamiroquai will be performing on Thursday 28 February at the Khodynka Arena in Moscow, Russia at the launch of the new Audi A4 car.

This news has also be covered on other sites including Fashion Time and 5koleso.

Credit: Olga

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WOW....Jamiroquai's first "big corporate money gig for 2008"....wonder a small of Audis are in the "Compensation rainbow" for the band? Good news, hopefully maybe a smidgen of new Jami material will be debutted....I don't care if it's just an "percussion instrumental with JK coughing into a mic rhythmically"...I need to hear SOMETHING! Cheers for the news as always Mister Rowe!


WOW AUDI and JAMIROQUAI, what could be better?

(I love Audi's)

wooo, looks as though the ball is starting to roll as they usually try there new stuff at promotional events before an album release:)


amazing... they promote cars now. What's next ?


new gig! nice! i hope someone will make a bootleg..and that they wont play crappa setlist like love foolosophy,depper undergorund,little l...i want something new with new arrangements..we are tired of love foolosophy riff every gig..

I love how people complain about a setlist for a gig they're not even going to see.funny

yes jimbo...jeje. But I guess that's all we have...
Talking about shows we're not going to see, canvas and glasses we're not going to buy...Is this getting a little shallow? Or is it me, going through another of those black capricorn days?...
PD: So cool the New Audi!!! Just beautiful...

HAHAHA! You're right Ivan, no more Love Foolosophy (pop) Riff please! We want real GROOVE.

Uh yeah....that's is some sweet news, really hope somebody is gonna record this and put it online!

How do you feel about Jamiroquai promoting everything from sunglasses to cars?

^ They all got bills to pay like the rest of us. My opinion anyway...

I wish they'd come promote some things in the USA though. ha!

how cool!
I wish I was able to pay my bills travelling around the world too :((
Jay was sincere, he said he was stopping for 1 year and since the Scala gig is 1 year less a few days.
Don't think they're gonna show new things or that this will be what we expect for ( horns and stuff) but hey they're caming back to heat the road again :)))
About the sunglasses...hmm if they don't prepare me pizza and cappuccino too there are just no ways:D:D

Wow Weee..!

LOL - Deesh, nice reality check there. And I want Chanel to pay me to wear their jackets while I rabbit about organ donation.

и где ж взять пригл на это чудесное мероприятие...
and where I can find the pass or invitation to this audi-show..

Надо стать олигархом)))
You need to become an oligarch)))

Just go to the Khodynka Arenago & try to convince the guy to enter the arena ! Sometime, that works... I know people who did it several time and manage to see Jamiroquai at the ManRay (Paris), at the Koko, at the Mean Fiddler (London), without being invited... You just don't have to be hysteric ! :)

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