Oakley MP3 player sunglasses logo'd and pre-loaded with Jamiroquai

Added on Monday 25 February 2008, 14:47 (GMT)

According to the Tech Digest website, Oakley have just just launched a special edition pair of sunglasses which will be pre-loaded with two exclusive remixes from the band's debut album - Emergency On Planet Earth.

The Oakley JK15 sunglasses have the buffalo-man logo printed on them and according to Tech Digest there will be only 500 pairs sold around the world, with just half of them available in the UK.  The glasses are not cheap (289 GB pounds) and more information can be found at the Tech Digest website.

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What a bloody shame!!! I've just bought two pairs: one Kenzo and one Rayban at the same price of this Oakley ;-)

...anyway, I don't like that model but I think it's suit perfect for snowboarders and surfers :) (males)

dont like them..not stylish at all..not jay kay style

I think they are kind of cool. It has to "house" an mp3 player in there, so what do you expect? Nice that they have EOPE too! Oakley is located in Irvine Ca, right next to where I used to work! Now I will have to see if I can make a trade for some sunglasses!!!!

"the man possibly more famous for his hats than his music, Jamiroquai." I didn`t like that!!!

the sunglasses are very cool `though


Hmmm....MP3 Sunglasses, who thought that would be tacky enough?!? Still, I'm more interested in what the 2 exclusive EOPE era remixes are? Cante Hondo? New and shiny Mondo Grosso ones? Hmmm...still, cool idea, and more "Cha-ching" for Jamiroquai! Cheers!


Being a sunglass lover, i have to say NO to these ones.

Love the fact that they keep out the wind, but the small glasses, you cannot peek to the side because there is black frame instead of glass.
Sorry, iam tooo lazy to keep turning my head to see where i am going (on the road).

But the leggs themselves, love the way buffalowman is used.

ohh.. i would like to have one of that sunglasses

we are going to need those remixes guys :) i wounder what they will be like

Man, what a cool (collectible) pair of shades! I wonder what the remixes may be? Who knows, they may be two new or rare unreleased remixes! That would be sweeeeeeeet!

"...the man possibly more famous for his hats than his music, Jamiroquai." What kind of quote is that?!?! Jason Kay is the MAN. And he has a band that loves funk just as bad as he does!!! So there! BACK OFF HATERS! If you can't take the funk, get out of the kitchen!

he man possibly more famous for his hats than his music, Jamiroquai OOOOOUCH:::

289 GBPS? I rather spend my money on a new amp

With regard to the Tech Digest report I have to say those are cheap comments from a cheap critic, the type of cheap shot from cheap skate who is jealous and ignorant of what they can't afford AND don't have the intellect AND good tast to appreciate. I bet they'd wear sunglasses that came out of Xmas Cracker.

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