Runaway performed by contestant on Dutch Idol TV show

Added on Tuesday 29 January 2008, 07:22 (GMT)
Dutch Idol - which is just like American Idol and all of the other television shows with similar names had one of the contestants (Charlene) this past weekend singing Jamiroquai's Runaway.  A video of the performance is available on YouTube.
Credit: Roger Hop

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Wasn't too bad. Seemed to lack energy, even though she was clearly trying to get some in there. Not all her fault though, the band nearly put me to sleep.

Can anyone give a rough translation of what the judges thought of it?

I think it was really awful, especially her english pronunciation

It was ok, very Karaoke, perhaps I should video myself singing to the instrumental of "Too young to die"............

i agree with Sjoerd!
i dont have nothing more to say.

Mhhh not that bad, but i love Jamiroquai, it was almost an insult, anyway good try

WHOOAA HIT ME!!! Is she trying to thorw a little James Brown in there? Well I thought she was pitchy at times, great choice of song though. Amazing how 'Dutch Idol' looks so much like American Idol .... I didn't even know they had shows that are almost identical to the American version. She has some heals too! dang!

Instrumental is good, but her way to sing definitely NOT.

i thought the girl were'nt bad to be fair, runaway doesnt show jays voice in a good light either?

Please stop !!!! Her voice is so unnatural... She'd better start by listenning to herself, nothing more to say...

It was disgusting!(puke) how could she afford this? am I sleeping or what????

Omg, I had to switch off after about a minute. *cringe*

she was cute and she tryed but if she wanted 2 make that a hit 4 herself we wouldn't buy it we perfur the oringal

it was pretty nasty to listen to that voice, the band sounded great!

Greetz too my friend rogier hop who posted the credits.
dennis raymakers

WOW, what a hell was wrong with her!!!! jajajajaaaa
It will take me a while to wipe that britney-or-any-other-comercial-singer version of the exquisit runaway out of my head....

The judges said that it wasn't that good. It was not commercial enough... 'When you want to be an idol this was the wrong song'.

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