Another of Jay's previously owned cars for sale...

Added on Monday 28 January 2008, 20:22 (GMT)
Another of Jay's previously owned cars is currently for sale - this time a 1996 Ferrari 456GT that he bought in 1996 (and has had a total of eight owners).  More details about the car can be found at the Rardley Motors website.

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Hmmm...J selling 2 of his cars in less of the space of a month....I guess petrol prices are starting to take their toll on his pockets. Nice cars nevertheless, I hope he gets a fair bundle for them!


No, its not one of his present cars. It once was, but 7 people have owned it since Jay sold it - which I guess was quite a few years ago.

jay kay why ?? why do u sell all these cars ? :(

jay, are u droping cars out of
at least ur capitalist side is salling away¡¡¡¡¡¡

hahahaha nice one mr. az

I'd like to read about j buying a fantastic car like a Pagani Zonda or a Koenigsegg CCX....

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