Love Foolosophy 2007 white label remix

Added on Sunday 13 January 2008, 15:57 (GMT)
A new white label dance remix of Love Foolosophy has recently been released on vinyl.  More information about the HT Funk remix of Love Foolosophy can be found in the discography, and I also recommend you take a look at the downloads page as well.

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Great song !

Cool!! =) thanks David!

love foolosophy seems to lend it self nicely to these type of mixes the virtual insanity one is nice too looks like another order is due :P

To my mind, these Jami's remixes are the worst I've heard so far.
the basslines in the 1st & the 3rd track are always out of tune, that makes them hard to listen to. my own opinion.. there's no new idea..

what can I say... I don't like it
We want NEW songs!!!

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