Revolution 1993 sampled by US rap/hip-hop group

Added on Friday 11 January 2008, 22:20 (GMT)

Jamiroquai's track Revolution 1993 has recently been sampled (quite heavily!) by US rap/hip-hop group Napalm Clique in their promo video for the track Revolution.

Have you heard Jamiroquai tracks sampled recently in any songs?  Feel free to post any links as comments to this news item.

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What about that 2pac's "remix" titled "Who you believe in"?

The 2pac's "remix" titled "Who you believe in"? is wonderfull with manifest destiny sample !!!!!

I am very happy to see "a classic song" like Revolution 1993 be sampled by US Hip Hop Band.

Wow, I only just now remembered that 2pac did "Who Do You Believe In?". And that Napalm Clique video was great :) I like the message it had...

Fantastic - where can I get a copy of the song?

Revolution 93 fits perfecty there.

I love it, their interpretation fits the song/sample whatever :)

Simply horrible...

Here is some fan-made mash up I think :) Jay Z with Jamiroqui "7 Days in sunny June":

That is not bad indeed!
A great regret I would have preferred he thanked Jay Jay on the table and not in the thanks of the last page!

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