Jamiroquai and Clarion continue partnership into 2008

Added on Tuesday 08 January 2008, 21:28 (GMT)

At the end of 2006 Japanese car navigation and audio manufacturer Clarion announced that Jamiroquai would be the face of much of their promotion.  Well, it looks like this partnership is going strong into 2008.

A news item posted at the end of 2007 at the Clarion site mentions Jamiroquai's involvement and announces the launch of a number of new products at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) - currently being held in Las Vegas.

In the 2008 Clarion audio/navigation catalogue that is available at the CES show Jay is featured on the front cover and also in a number of pages (inside) throughout the catalogue.

Credit: Takae, Tim Page

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HEHE....JK has blue vapor trails! Great pictures, thanks for the scans and info David, always appreciated!


Oh, I'm sorry, but Kay looks so old and tired here... These wrinkles and his eyes - or maybe he's more "macho" now? :P ;D

hey, czendo, with all my respect, you have to use glasses! =)

=) there is a video o something like that ? a promotion! =)

wow.. jay kay looks very good

the catalogue is available to download in the Products section of the UK Clarion site:)

nice pink background David - ooh int it niiice!

or if you fancy the pictures in this news item, then this is actually the USA version of the Catalogue available to download in various parts in the Products section of the US Clarion site, which can be navigated from the Japan site.

i did fancy it thanks :P swooshy jayz are hot.

it looks like the buffalo man will be hanging around for a bit more look at the bottom of the scan

he must have just been phased out by $ony

think im gonna pick one up from my local dealer as Clarion haven't got any to send out yet:)

i fancy a new head unit which is usb compatable and maybe a sat nav. Oh and maybe a Moray, not sure yet!

Russ: thank for telling us about the catalogue download. Here's some links....

US 2008 Catalog:
UK 2007 Catalog:

no probs David, best picking a full glossy one up from a local dealers also.
Just use the Dealer locator on your countrys site and tap in your postcode/zip code:)

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