Kanye West: Virtual Insanity = Classic Material

Added on Monday 07 January 2008, 22:02 (GMT)

US record producer and rapper Kanye West has this past weekend posted the video to Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity on his blog.  According to a story at

"Although Stronger man Kanye uses his blog regularly to extol the virtues of expensive champagne, clothing and cars this is the first time he has mentioned another musician on his blog since he praised Feist last September."

Kanye's website (and blog) can be found at

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That's pretty cool...


Hmmm...sometimes I doubted KanYe would know good music when he heard it OR even noted. But after the successful influence of Daft Punk on his Graduation first single 'Stronger', there's no doubt anymore, KanYe really KNOWS good music. Jamiroquai/KanYe collaboration for his next album wouldn't be a bad idea, hopefully not JUST as a "beatfiller/backup vocals", you want an example of that, check out Jamiroquai's past collaboration with Guru on his Jazzamatazz 2 album track "Lost Souls". Cheers!


Some hilarious comments from over there:
- "Jamiroquai is legend!!! has to be one of the best neo-soul (...) bands out there" (from a black guy...)
- "man, this kinda sounds like sunday morning by marroon 5..dope track tho" (cause Jay has a time machine, travelled via time gates into 2004 and has stolen poor Adam Levine's melody... And he composed an even better song...)

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Good cut n pastes from the comment box Brother Zsoma! Oh well, those kiddies got plenty of time to get around to PROPERLY assessing Jamiroquai's music without pop culture references!


Jamiroquai needs no advertising from a man who steals the music to make his own sound. He's not a musician, and is a bad producer. Definitely not the same job...

Nice to see Jamiroquai get some credit from one of the biggest artists in music at the moment! Hopefully some of the readers of the blog might delve deeper into the Jamiroquai back catalogue having maybe not previously done so :)

"""Jamiroquai needs no advertising from a man who steals the music to make his own sound. He's not a musician, and is a bad producer. Definitely not the same job..."""

I totally agree here........!

interesting, its great more exposure! kanye is big right now

Funkalic, I just can't agree with you. Kanye West is a great producer, he did a lot of great things for Hip Hop/R'n'B. And you say, Kanye steals the music. What about Jay Kay ? Do you know Johnny Hammond and Roy Ayers ?...

Yes I know them very well, but it's different from Kayne West. Jason Kay gets many influences but he plays and creates his own style/sound : Use the force, just another story, Canned Heat, Hooked Up... He is a creator. He makes music. with a vision. Kayne West "never" creates a melody, he only uses a former one to make something "new". It's rap music concept I agree, but this guy is just overrated. Definitely. And he'll never understand what Jamiroquai means and brings in Music.

Kayne is an entertainer. A musician? That is up for personal opinion, but regardless, it is cool to see him big up VI in his blog. Happy New Year darling David and Sharon. xo

his songs seem to follow a simple formula
1) get a good sample from a classic song
2) rap that he is the greatest man of all time over the top
3) market it like crazy so that people will buy it just because it has "Kanye" written on the label

there is nothing i would like to see less than kanye steal a sample from a jamiroquai track because then (and i know this from past experience with the stronger track and with the curtis mayfeild one)when ever you listen to the song he sampled people will say to you "aww mate thats kanye west"

Snolan, Dude that's pretty much the formula for every rapper since MC Hammer. There are only a few good Hip-hop groups/artists that do not do this: The Procussions, Jurassic 5, Talib Kweli and a few others. (Oh yea, and there is a difference between Hip-Hop and Rap Ladies and Gentleman)

Anyway, I got tired of modern rap because it is the same forumla. They either rap about:

1.) How Much Money They got
2.) How Many Women they have
3.) Who they want to kill
4.) Tell you to "Shake it like a Polaroid Picture"

So, I brought to a conclusion that this kind of music really doesn't benefit me:

1.) It doesn't pertain to me. I don't live in a state called New York or California where people normally use the expression, "For sheezy my nezzy keep my arms so Breezy."

2.) Listeninig to a person talk about how much money they have doesn't fill your own bank account.

In the End, Soulful Wholesome music is where it's at. Jamiroquai and other modern bands of today really have that vibe.

and just a thing added, Thriller, one of the greatest album of all time, will be released with many tunes remixed by Kanye West and others (Will I Am...). I presume it will be an horrible result, I don't know why...

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