Marching to Canned Heat at the 2008 Rose Bowl

Added on Saturday 05 January 2008, 19:23 (GMT)

At the Rose Bowl football game held on 1 January between USC (University of Southern California) Trojans and Illinois Illini, the USC Trojan Marching Band played Jamiroquai's Canned Heat during the half-time interval.  Check out a video of the performance at YouTube.

Over at sites such as YouTube there are many great Jamiroquai videos and if you've come across any great ones recently then why not post a link as a news comment here at or have a look through some of the links posted at the YouTube topic at

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xDD funny

Amazing!!! Empire jami coming soon!!!

Halftime at the Rose Bowl...does that just put a chuckle in ya?

WE need you guys here....We gotsta jam ...cuz we got canned heat in our heels for Jamiroquai!!

Happy New Year Everyone...I'm looking forward to meeting some of you Jamily friends in the UK...look for a redhead that dances good.... ;)

Hilarious.... I thought I'd seen it all.... kudos to a tight marching band!

That's cool!

It sounds like a James Bond Original Soundtrack ! Isn't it ?


Awesome awesome stuff
MAybe the band should do something similar for the upcoming album?

i think trojans are unievrsity of santa cruz though

The Trojans are Southern California.
The performance seemed pretty good (although recording quality wasn't the best). Now if only it had been Ohio State (during the national championship game tonight) that chose to perform Canned Heat

finally! :D


Hiya, rarely does something impress me enough to post a comment but o h m y l o r d how amazing is that video! Just wish I coulda been there. Loving both Jamiroquai and Napoleon Dynamite makes it funny in different ways!

I hope to see this more often,, more schools should try it, I think runaway would sound amazing school band style :)

Lmao, I just realized they danced a mix between soulja boy and the napolean dynamite dance ..creative! hhehe

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