In the studio with Derrick McKenzie and Nude Continuum

Added on Sunday 30 December 2007, 08:16 (GMT)

Over recent months Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie has been doing some work with Australian soul/funk band Nude Continuum.  Well, the band have just finished recording their debut album and this wasn't any ordinary recording - as Derrick did his playing (on two tracks) at the studios owned and run by ex-Jamiroquai trombonist Winston Rollins in London whereas the rest of the band were in Australia.

A news item on the Nude Continuum site writes... 

"We've finished tracking the album! We're finally done with the recording aspect of it. The process came to a close when Derrick Mckenzie tracked drums for us on 2 songs (Don't Stop the Beat and Mistake). They will be available to hear online soon, so stay tuned. He recorded them with Winston Rollins in his private facility - RedRoom Studios, Chiswick. Although we were still here on the Gold Coast, Australia, the magic of Skype allowed us to have a video link up and take part in the recording process. Needless to say Derrick's playing was fantastic, and Winston's recording was top shelf. You'll be able to hear the results soon."

If you want to see what goes on during the recording process there's an interesting recording of a Skype video conference with James and Freesia in Australia talking with Derrick and Winston and looking around Winston's London studio available now on YouTube.

Samples of the two tracks that Derrick/Winston worked on (Mistake and Don't Stop the Beat) and available to listen to at  The debut album, entitled "Nightclub of the Nudist" will be released in the coming months.

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this is just amazing!!
Thanks guys fot sharing it with us!!
It's true Winston has a giant wonderfull smile...and Derrick he's THE MAN!!
nice when they show each others their own studios, really really nice, a great gift, made me feel part of something.
Nude Continuum you've got me, really sweet guys, now I'll have something more to wait for.

Hurrah for technology - am really looking forward to the release of this album! Thank you Derrick and Winston for your continuous hard work - love your music!

So great to hear you live in studio Derrick. This drum machine is just enough !!!!!!!!!!!!! You know you're the man so take the power again !! Funk runs through your veins. And this HiHat's work is just out of the world. The one and only, the indestructible, MISTER Derrick McKenzie. Love and respect to u.

how cool is that?!!!


I'm liking what I'm hearing!

I need to move to the UK. Funk everlasting via Derrick McKenzie. Good stuff, man!

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