Calvin Harris remixes Stillness In Time

Added on Friday 24 August 2007, 06:43 (BST)

To celebrate BBC Radio 1's 40th birthday in September of this year a number of artists have created cover versions/remixes of songs from over the past 40 years.  DJ/remixer/producer Calvin Harris has created a version of Stillness In Time which represents the year 1995.  The mix can be heard at the calvinharrisminimix MySpace site. 

Regular readers will be aware that Calvin created a mix of Canned Heat for the 2006/07 12" remix releases (which ultimately was not used by Sony/Columbia). 

The full list of tracks being covered/mixed for Radio 1 can be found at The Sun newspaper (UK) website. 

Credit: Deesha Dyer, Natalie, David Packer, Remco Groet

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Interesting mix. Sounds more like 1985 than 1995 though, lol. The bloke's got skill. :)

yer i can imagine some guys in flourescent socks doing robotix!

Cool absurd mix LOL!!!
Thanx for the news David :)

Fascinating mix, Calvin...keep it up! Canned Heat was a stormer! Thanks, David!

ugly remix!!! this song doesn't need any remixes at all!!! it's so lovely

I don't like it, kind of reminds me of Daft Punk and little roborts dancing haha. I agree with ihQ, this song it´s perfect the way Jami made it,doesn't need a new version or a remix but the other song, "let me know" it's pretty cool, though.

YES ......I am usually a fan of most remixes....this one I am not.

Metal Mickey comes to mind (80s robot TV show in UK)

This remix is ok, it's good that it offers something new, but it also detracts some of the originals best elements...

OOOhhh i like 'Let me know' thats good... the mix of 'stilness in time is a bit odd...

i usually don't like jamiroquai remixes, but this one is interesting and cool. a new take on it.

The song has been completely changed ... I don't even recognise this as Stillness in Time.. It's very Different & i don't really like this version..... Calvin is a great talent tho and i really like the other song "let me know".. very cool..

My ears and this remix can't seem to find a happy union at all. This is my favorite Jamiroquai song, so I think I'm a little jaded. Thanks Calvin for the effort and choosing Jamiroquai however.

worst tune ever...

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