Live From Abbey Road on Sundance

Added on Sunday 29 July 2007, 16:48 (BST)
Jamiroquai - Live From Abbey Road

American television cable channel Sundance has recently started broadcasting the Live From Abbey Road series that Jamiroquai were part of and the Jamiroquai show is due to be broadcast on Sundance on Thursday 9 August at 10pm.

Jamiroquai recorded a number of tracks for the show in October 2006.  More information about the show in general can be found at the Live From Abbey Road website.

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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yer would be nice to see canned heat performed from this set:)

;-) russ was quicker than me :-)
Hope they show us Canned Heat!

good god...what a show it will be...and on my birthday!!! nothing could be better...

I`ll pay my ilegal satelite dish!!!

Amazing session ! one of the best. Great Love Fool, Sensationnal Runaway and a funky version of Travelling. Now it's time to hear Canned Heat with a real piano :)

Are you recording this one deesh or anyone in the US???? :-)

Russ - If I can figure it out the technical before it airs, I will record it. Hopefully some of the USA Jamiroquai fans that are tech-savvy will have the time and resources to do it. I'll let you know for sure if I can. Wouldn't be a bad thing to learn how to do!

ok thanks deesh!
are there any other US fans out there with dvd recorders?

Russ, a friend of mine is going to record it, let me know if your interested in a copy. Free of charge you know.

p.s. my email is [email protected] just in case

cheers Brandon! - definately interested:)

Indeed Brandon, make it happen! Setup a link ASAP!

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