High Times promo video snowboard for auction

Added on Sunday 29 July 2007, 13:28 (BST)

eBay always has a large number of Jamiroquai items listed but here's a rare item that has recently been listed at eBay Australia.

One of the Jamiroquai logo'd snowboards as used in the promo music video for the track Light Years in 1995 is listed in an auction that ends on 6 August.

Part of the auction description reads as follows:

"Up for auction is a super rare Limited edition Jamiroquai Snowboard.  This Snowboard is 1 of 5 specially made for Jamiroquai light years video.  The video was filmed in St. Anton in Austria. Filmed by snowboard film makers Room and Board.  Board obtained from record company executive collection."

For more information about the snowboard and to bid on it, please please visit eBay.

Additionally, if you've seen any great items for sale on eBay or other auction sites recently, feel free to post a link to them as a comment to this news item. 

Credit: Mark Richardson

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WHOOOAA.......that's kind of a suprise I never thought I would see that! Cool!.....Just a wee bit out of my price range though!!!! ha ha

That is something I have always wanted though.....maybe a skateboard would be a little more in my reach....but cool.

he will be rolling in it!

i didn´t know light years was filmed in st.anton!:) but that time i didn´t know jamiroquai :(
i have been on skiholidays there several times
st.anton is in tyrol which is in the west of austria. i was born not far away from there

Now there is a price for happiness - at least for snowboarders who are into Jamiroquai - that's AU$ 1000 to put some sunshine in your life !!!

Hi Sandriche,
You must also know 'Lech' which is very close to St. Anton. I've been there many times, and what a beautiful place!!

GREAT ! But there's cheaper :

Man, now that's what I'm talkin' about! Only 1 of 5?!? A $1000 really would help out the vinyl collection quite a bit!

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