Denise talks about Jay (again)

Added on Sunday 01 April 2007, 17:34 (BST)

Every now and then there are interviews in the press with Denise Van Outen, who was engaged to be married to Jay a few years ago.  In an interview printed in The Sun newspaper (UK) a few days ago she mentioned something that I don't believe I knew - that the track You Give Me Something was written about her....

Denise, who broke up with nightclub owner Richard Traviss in May 2005 following a three-year romance, hot-footed it out to LA last summer. She was famously engaged to Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay, but despite breaking up with him six years ago, they remain good friends.

"I would never ask him if he's going out with anyone because we don't really have that sort of friendship," she says. "But he is still part of my life."

Of the hit song Little L that Jay wrote following their break-up, Denise says: "People just think he wrote this really bitter song about me, but he also wrote some lovely songs about me, like You Give Me Something.

"Everyone thinks I've been engaged loads, but I was only engaged to Jay.

The full interview with Denise (and photos ;) can be read at The Sun website.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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i thought love fool was about her to :S

Love fool is about me

lol ^_^

Am not a fan of celebs, but Denise makes me laugh and it's a real shame that the pair of them didn't work out! It's nice to see her back on TV here!

they are so need to be together!!!!!
i'm telling you guys, they will be in love again!!!!!
i sure in this!!!

Yep I remember an interview from 2001 where Jay said that "Little L" and "YGMS" are like ying and yang. The former is about the worse sides of their relationship, the latter tells of the little things which made it a pleasant experience. What's more, Jay said that those "little things" he refers to in YGMS are han**obs and such. I swear I'm not joking, maybe he was... ;)

haha... well, anyway, it seems like also Butterfly was made for her. I think I read it in an article..
(btw, lovely picture...)

i wish someone wrote a song for me...
Jay is such a wonderful person

I will have to speak with 'Sir' and get him to post the specific lyrics of each song that were intended for DVO on the YAML Threads of the Jamiroquai forums - end of story - curiosities will be confirmed !!!

they were so good together, its such a shame they split up. i still hope that one day they will get back together.

Someone say to her that the relationship with jay is finisheddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd stop! died!!!!!

I'm a love fool!!! :D

boring. Is she obliged to tell to everyone that she dated richard, jay or which one ? That sucks!

Im agree with you cosmic chic..

(= Jay is an excellent person..Im sure of that!

hope they don't get back to together again!! i love him haha

I hope that, too.. xD

This is not right. If you 'love him' then you should be happy if finds love again. This is just fantasy - you dont know him. Just assuming what he is from seeing/hearing him sing. MUSIC is great and can inspire us - this is music not Jason Kay the person. For those that create music, they are just lucky to be able to hear it and do soemthing with it - they are not immortal.We dont know what Jay is all about from seeing him sing. Yes he seems fun, and the music he has been part of making is happy and great. But seperate the joy the music gives you from saying you love Jay and dont want to see him with anyone else. What are you going to do when that happens? Get over it. Will you still be obsessed tho? It would be a good thing for him to meet someone. I believe that you can only be truly happy by finding what inspsires you yourself and excelling at it - not by living through anothers excellence, or what you perceive as anothers excellence... c'mon girls.

why are we talking about DVO...ain't this abut JMQ??

hey ;)
of course none of us know him (well except for girls like fran, who have meet him before), but we are allowed to dream arent we? Jay is hot, he's sexy, and he has an amazing voice, not too mention that he's excellent at writing songs, along with other band members. Thats pretty good for an older man. And I don't mean he's that old, but he's round about twice my age. We are allowed to dream and fantasize, and to announce it as well. I hope that I didn't come across as being angry or anything like that, I just wanted to explain it a little bit more.

"This is not right. If you 'love him' then you should be happy if finds love again"
finally someone who talks some can you say you love someone if you don't want them to find happiness?

And Fran knows him as she has met him once right...

i didn't quite mean it like that

Didn't he start to abuse drugs and alcohol during and after he broke up. It sounds like she just wants attention since she not with anybody. So she's leading him on, he'll fall for it and the cycle starts all over again. Jay don't go for that again. Next it will be depression he'll be singing about. A reminder breathe in let all bad things go out. Breathe, now do you feel better. Carolyn P. :}

Fantastic comments, I have to say.
I'm having a great laugh over here.
I love you all. Don't know any of you though, hehehe.
P.S.: I also love JK. Met him twice or 3 times... is that enough??

You guys that have met Jay are so lucky. Meeting Jay is all I want to do!!! How does it happen? do just walk backstage or what?? I live in Australia so I guess Jamiroquai's mot round here that often. I guess it's snooze you loose hey.

"Not" not "mot

just 2 add a 'blokey' opinion...u girls that are asking how you get 2 meet him & stuff...well...firstly,youd have 2 be at the actual concert...which seems very likely because you dont actually care about the the rest of us...please just getta grip...why are u even looking at this great site?ITS FOR FANS OF THE BAND...sheesh...gimme strength!

I'm on the other side of the planet to the UK, so can someone tell me what DVO does? Is she a celebrity of any sort of significance over there? She looks pretty cute, but is there anything more to her?

hey Damo,
I'm in the same boat as you. I'd love to meet them all, but being in australia, it's so far away from anything

Hee hee thanks 4 the 'blokey opinion' steffenfunk ;) actually of course the music was the reason I took an interest in discovering who this jk was in the first place - and of course he looks attractive in the videos and has a big part in making the music being the font man and all. And of course those who like the music and buy it and go to the concerts would like to meet the man and the band!! rather than watch them from an impersonal distance. People want to have some reality with what they feel some passion for,a longing desire to meet the band (or J!)just unhealthy. You say go to a concert but how is is that is step to meeting them?? I find it more and more frustrating. Tell folks what were the events that lead to your meeting J and was this just a 2 mintute photo ir what??

jeepers my typing needs help!

Yeah, I'd just really like to meet the guys behind the fantastic music! That's all. you all say you should go to the concert to meet the should go to a concert to have a good time hear live music make friends!!!but groupies...(lol i'm offending the groupies!)and there are some of those here...they only care about getting in jay's pants....not healthy for single bit.

who said anything about jay's pants!!!! Just you. No thanks, what a waste that would be...of an occasion to talk about other things or ask questions who may have -its not about sex! Youre making too much naive assumption there Jameerica. Wanting to MEET an artist or know an artist does not mean you are a sad old groupie.

assuming is where the problem starts; so don't assume ;)

I'm no sad old groupie, I can't see the problem in wanting to meet the guys behind the music. Anybody writing in these threads can't seriously say they don't give a damn about the people in the band. Because in visiting this site it proves that we all are interested in the other half of Jamiroquai, many news items are about the actual band members.

I've been to 2 Jamiroquai concerts which aint bad seeing as they've been in Australia twice since I became a fan. The music was better than I was expecting! I just think it would be a bonus to be able to say a thankyou to the guys the music they give us.

Didn't Denise say that her and Jay were once "young and stupid"? Now she's in the media riding the coat-tails of Jay again and roaming LA talking about how much "eye-candy" there is ?!?!. Is Denise still young and stupid? Denise is so yesterday. If she's gonna break into the USA market, she would do better to promote any talent she has and leave her past alone.

Obviously interviewers may associate her with JK. She is just replying to questions. If she still cares for him good. YOu sound emotional IroquiosLady. Big up Damo - its time for more honesty here. Of course everyone on this site would like to meet the guys, and has prob wanted to for a while, esp if they havnt already, NOT for the reason they are a groupie, but for curiosity, growing as a person, addressing the feelings that you have in wanting to meet soembody, asking questions about making the music we love ..its a healthy thing to do so. However, its like they are out of touch,so being a fan becomes half fantasising... ...its a shame, Bands are not God. We all breathe the same air, walk the same earth and will go thorugh the same process when we eventually die. All else is not important. Its about getting things in perspective...Jameerica. I admire Jay and the band for making a success out of their talent and inspiration bu twe can ALL do this. I myself have acheived alot in life. and dealt well with what its thrown at me ..but have not necessarily acheiving my biggest ambitions..but I am working at it.#

ps - i dont check this site every day....maybe once a month (moreso when I am bored at work!) but I have particularly got invloved in this thread of conversation so have followed it.

Hey ;),I've enjoyed your comments. You can assume I am's not the worse thing I've been accused of...I would hope I come across more passionate in the honoring of the hard work that so many people put into my enjoyment of this band and even so...this website. I don't take lightly how many celebrities can get by on very little in the USA for their own selfish promotion while I rely so much on the Jamily across the world to keep me intouch with the talent of Jamiroquai. And Bands are not God....but when you feel the music go into you and give you a feeling that even God is dancing in heaven...I just don't think every band can do come on now....a past fiancee can't keep tapping in to the strong energy of this band's accomplishments and not get a diss for it. Her come-from was bad in the interview and she needs to keep it away. She'll get her props when she earns them and this interview of her is not getting her ahead with me.

replying at !!:
i never said people who commented this post are groupies...but we all know there are such people here.Nothing bad with meeting the guys behind the music-i agree...but it all depends on what your REASONS are for meeting them...some people just have the wrong reasons...that's all...

"Bands are not God"
totally agree man...;)

Wow! Where does this whole thing came from? This new was about some ex-girlfriend of Jay and now you're talking about groopies and getting into Jay's pants, I must say this is really sad. You say you love the band and the music, I think that if you actually love that then you wouldn't be fighting about all the groupie stuff because that's not what you care right? you would just laugh like me :).
Anyway thanx for the good laugh, this was very funny and take it easy people it's just another band ;)

Completely agree O.o, (keep dreaming girls) haha i'm a girl...

what as DVO to do nowadays ( or always) with JMQ? and Steven is rite..think about the music and not the "chance to meet him"! in nonsense to spend words x this.

Listen you all... Denise once again selling rubbish to newspaper!!! I don't think Jay appreciates it. Anyway she is just making herself look good to the media telling how hot she is and how many american guys she done!! Nobody cares Denise!!! just get over it!!! O.o i am laughing...and deja that was my point all along...little l,easy on that submit button xD!

JAJAJAJA, what a crowd! don´t get mad people....Is really beautiful have some dreams in our life and very healthy as long as you do it with consciousness.....I think that if we have some dream keeping fighting to became them in reality.........who knows and Mr.Kay fall in love of someone from here! ;) isn´t ?
Good luck to everyone :)and for me!



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