Goodbye Sony/Columbia...

Added on Wednesday 28 March 2007, 08:08 (BST)

Well, Jamiroquai's long relationship with Sony/Columbia is now clearly over following the release of Alright on 12" this week.  If you visit the Columbia Records website, Jamiroquai are no longer listed as being on the label.

We can now just sit back and wait to see what the band decide to do now that they're no longer locked into a long term recording contract.

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Good riddance of bad rubbish! ;)

Bright for these boys the future is. Back in Jamiroquai the JAM is. [Yoda]

Use the force!

There no longer on either.

make sure you grab a 12" Alright - collectors!
and it completes a set although dont you think these 12" remixes will be a box set in the not so distant future david?? another sony release perhaps???

Tick, tock, tick, tock...waitin'...


couldn't agree more...good riddance to bad rubbish....

Jay already have a studio: I honestly feel Jay has the experience of the business, along with world recognition to start his own lable. He can be at his own will and set his own limits. Jay can have complete control over his material and market his self any way he like. JUST TAKE A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!

If they are no longer with the label who is the contact for booking them?

On jamiroquai myspace the record label is always "Columbia/Sony BMG/Epic Records" ... Think to change, it's time now!!

Good point. I've just updated the MySpace listing :)

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