Gig In The Sky - Official Gallery #3

Added on Monday 26 March 2007, 23:12 (BST)
Gig In The Sky

After a long delay has now posted some photos from the concert held in Athens shortly after the band touched done following the Gig In The Sky at the end of February.  The official site also has some quotes from drummer Derrick McKenzie...

"I had a lot of fun on the plane and also tons of fun in greece, the crowds were fantastic and the people were so kind, i will be visiting there again without a shadow of a doubt."

More quotes and the photos can be found at

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thanks david!! :) nice comment Derrick! :)
tomorrow is his birthday, right ? ^^
March 27th.

ooh thanks david!
was just gonna turn off and hit the sack!
nice pics and cant wait for this or the other gig to surface on telly

Great pix!!!!!! Love Derrick's comments as well - a lot of us couldn't be there at the gigs but we were there in spirit cheering you guys along :) :) :)


great pictures. thanks.
happy birthday d-money!

wonderful pictures!

the pictures - I love them, Jay looks so happy and the others too!

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