World That He Wants - unofficial video

Added on Sunday 28 January 2007, 15:17 (GMT)

A fan of Jamiroquai and one who's "disturbed by what [George] Bush does to the world" has created a really well made video to go with the track World That He Wants, from the Dynamite album.

The video can be found on YouTube and Google Video.

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thanks for putting it here on funkin!!!
this guy really did great work.
i wouldn´t mind to see this one in the music channels all around the world!

Well done Snapp !!!! Peace and love in the world

hahaha now it is here on funkin^^

thanks DYEGO

Haha @Maxud, I didn't do anything, I just found it!



professional and truthful

thanks a lot. I found it, too. Today. :D

that was great, i always saw a video to that song being that way

I want to know what jay and the band thinks!

Sneaky unoffical realise anybody? :D

i'm speechless (and that's a pretty big deal for me)

Nicely done. For the most part, I kinda have a different opinion on the war, but this video explains how I feel on some days.

I kinda had a vision of it too. Black and white, one continuous shot. Jay and Matt (the only members on track) would play against a black backdrop with the flags representing the coalition forces (US, Britain, et al) and Jay would sing directly into the camera. After the last verse was sung, the string section would slowly disappear, followed by Matt. Jay is the last one to go and at the crescendo of the strings, the flags' colors fade to black and white.

great video in combination with Jamiroquai!!!
Peace and Love from Buffel

Finally a video and recognition for this under-rated song. Thanx Snapp!!! It is tasteful and necessary.

I saw the video and I loved how it was put together. It was pure, sad and it represents the reality of the what is going on in the world. War and prejudice are horrible things that destroy society.

Well done, Snapp. Thank you for that moving video. Words cannot express how I feel right now...war brings forth nothing but death and misery.

For info, there's a newer version of the video here:

where i can download the video?

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