Jamiro - Jamiroquai Tribue Band

Added on Sunday 28 January 2007, 14:13 (GMT)
Jamiro - Jamiroquai Tribute Band

Here is news of a Jamiroquai tribute band that has not been posted here at before....

Jamirò are a Jamiroquai tribute band from Italy who formed in 2006 and have played a number of live gigs and also recorded tracks for broadcast on TV show [email protected]

Please go and have a look around their website over at and have a watch and listen to their videos and music.

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Hmm...the sound is pretty good, good band, but it seems like the singer doesn't know the lyrics very well. lol

I listened canned heat of their band, and is cool, I like the rhythm, is nearly to the Jamiroquai's sound. But the Voice of the guy, I dont know.
Is obvious that dont compares with jay's voice.

Hey they're fans. Holding to the sound and effort of the originals. In doing so gives us even more appreciation. Jays voice is unique. His scatting, timing, vocalizing, constantly energetically "pushing" a song..musically maximising a fairly displayed here as best can. Kudo's

hey thank for the link
I can say everytime the same...
sorry but its very bad
you cant make good music if you only cover old songs!
why cant the people do their own stuff???
cover one song for an album is ok
but is it really too difficult to write a tune yourself???

Great idea !!!! The jamiro-comunity is growing arround the world !!!!

Yes, harry. You're right. Is good that they are doing their own music, I just said that I prefer listen Jamiroquai.

And Is really good the sound of jamiró.

The band play´s it but i´m not feeling it.

I don´t feel right when other bands are jamiroquaing... jamiroquai feels like the rolling stones or that "old song I used to know" thing...
I just want the new album to come out!
don´t like it, wouldn´t go to the show in italy nor mexico nor internet. no no no

the singer its crap!!!!! he really sucks!!!!!

respect to this people. mkae a jamiroquai tribute band doesnt mean they can't do their own music, is just an option.
singer should study the lyrics better anyway...i'm not sure if he understand all what he sings...

Geez, give them a break! Covering Jam isn't too easy, but at least they're having a go, which is certinaly more than many of us are doing...And for Maxud, yes, writing a tune yourself is really difficult.

Buen música podría mejorar ..pero necesita otro vocalista

@ space ghost

i know that its difficult
but if you have something to say it isnt soo difficult!
if they do their own stuff maybe ill listen to it but when they only cover everything...

the singer sounds like a goat thats about to die

Band is alright, they copy certain sounds and rhythms pretty well, but they need a new singer. No voice, and he certainly doesn't translate Jay's feeling.

Has anyone seen the bridge? Where's that confounded bridge? No verses either. I had to stop listening to it, does it go on forever like that?

Hey...not bad, not too bad at all! Just a little more work with the lyrics and the arrangements and (presto!) we got a tribute band. Far better than what we seen last year!

honestly, they sound good. But being a cover band does not require you to look and sound exactly like the band you cover. You can some of your own flare, including a different hat!!!

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