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Added on Wednesday 24 January 2007, 09:27 (GMT)

Jamiroquai keyboard player (and all round good guy) Matt Johnson has posted a short update onto his MySpace blog.  Part of it reads...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 Just decided to write as I haven't in so long. School's out for Jamiroquai but we are all busy doing various things. I'm working with 3 artists at the moment, with totally different styles. We are working together on some things too, so still seeing the other guys which is nice.

To read the full entry, please visit Matt's MySpace blog.

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sounds like he`s not required anymore in jamiroquai

Thanks for the update Mr. Johnson. I couldn't agree more 'all round good guy', the white caped keyboard player with incredible funk tucked away somewhere. Regards to Tanya !!! (I can't myspace,so I'm putting my message here, thanks David).

Thanks for the update Matt! I look forward to this gig in the sky even though there is no chance of me being there (my passport's expired and I havn't got round to renewing it yet)

Hi Matt! Thanks for give us news about you. Kisses desde España

Yeah, Thanks Matt! I hope he still seeing with Rob, Jay, Derrick and sola.


I can't believe I've never checked out your little musical creations from your site! They're Brill!! Is there anyway we could have a better quality version? Il'd gladly give you a small contribution!

Cheers, hope all is well.

Seems like we apreciate that you stay close to us. Thanks.

I just hope that Jamiroquai will never finish!

that wont happen.. they will eventually split up :s

Two keaboardplayers in the same band are not so
unusual . Depends on what you are writing .
If starchild is inspired by Andrew Lloyd Webber ,
how about something of that size ?
Experience is already there ...
ask all your basses as well , band ?

Glad all is going well for you Matt :) And sounds like it was a blast up in Jay's helicopter - I'm very envious :)


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