NRJ 12 Gig In The Sky competition

Added on Tuesday 23 January 2007, 20:00 (GMT)
A competition for next month's Gig In The Sky is currently running at the NRJ 12 website (France).
Credit: Vanessa

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Can someone translate it!! ;)

Yeah, a translation of any terms and conditions would be great. It seems like after answering the (easy) question, you either sign in or have to register at the website. That's as far as I got!

An advertise has been published in the french free newspaper "20 minutes", and probably in others ;)

Thanks Vanessa!!!
Yes, you have to register but I don't know if it's only for french people coz you have to choose your country.

I think this competition is for french fans only, you can register yourself at the site but it required you to enter a french compatible 5 numeral postal code even if you change your country (to holland in my case), anyway since id kill to get on that plane i registered anyway (just put my adress in the adress bar and made up the postal code), not sure if it works but hey whatever increases my hopes....

we need additional competitions for EVERY country!!!
in fact..isn´t it a bit unfair that for one country are more than one and for some countries even NOT one competition??...

yeah, is so easy that question. Well, good luck to all! :D
I with you the best.

sorry :P I wish you the best.

Hi David and everyone... Actually, there seems to be NO T&C on the website... Didn't see anything!

the question is : wat is the name of jamiroquai's best of album ?

answer: High times :P

NRJ is running another competition on the radio!

I'm so happy that Sony ERICSSON is part Swedish and they care SO much about Swedish customers and Jamiroquai fans. THANK YOU for giving us a chance to enter a competition.

It would be nice with at least one tiny fair effing chance to win a ticket. I just can't understand why Sweden is left out. Jamiroquai may not be very big here (which is sad)... but Sony Ericsson is the most sold brand for mobile phones afaik. They still design some of them here. And some 6 years ago they were still manufacturing them here. Boooo!

End of rant... ;)

I registered at NRJ and they accept it with my Belgian address, so i don't think you should live in France to participate. Winning if you are not living there is something else though. I suppose everyone can register so they can have the email address and send publicity, as usual. Good luck to the French people !

Yes!! i won!! Gig in the sky im comming!!

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