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Added on Thursday 02 November 2006, 21:00 (GMT)
High Times: Singles 1992-2006 cover

If you are in the UK and looking to buy the new releases of High Times (DVD and also special edition album with bonus remix CD), here are some of the cheapest places to pre-order from:

  • The CD album with bonus remix CD can be ordered from for 12.99 (GBP) delivered.
  • The DVD can be bought from CD Wow for 8.99 (GBP) delivered, for a region free disc.

Have you found any other good places to pre-order the album/DVD from, whether for the UK or anywhere else in the world?  If so, please feel free to post a comment alongside this news item. 

Credit: Vanessa Muldowney

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Well, most of us USA fans know that you should go get these on the day they come out in the stores, because they are dirt cheap on release day and go up after that (and there is no shipping charge), but every store might not have these, so in that case, check the Sony Music USA store - they have the DVD and CD currently on sale. and
Other places do too, but this is the best LEGIT price I've seen. Oh, and Best Buy! are pretty cheap, but i ended up going with for the combined price of 23.00 GBP for dvd and special edition cd.
This may not be the absolute cheapest but for reliability and efiiciency you can't beat them.
I wish the same could be said for who are the complete opposite and overpriced.
This is unfortunate as they are the official store after all.

cheers russ! just gone onto Amazon and taken up that deal.

Damn! I didn't know was so unreliable so i ordered from there. i didn't even check for other places.... i was too excited i guess...oh well...let's see what happens now....

Over here in Australia I'm going to have a look for the DVD in a few shops tomorrow (Nov 4th). I'll let you know any good deals I find.

just going to preorder from woolworths or HMV or somthing like that on saturday as it comes out on monday in the uk. Right?

It's being released Nov 8th here in Sweden. Still waiting for the DVD. I'm getting the DVD and the Japanese release with bonus DVD to begin with. Then I might pick up the CD with bonus CD if I find it cheap on eBay. ;)

When's the release date for the dvd... because i saw it at the shops today n brought it straight away...watchin it now n its EXCELLENT!!

Scored the DVD today in Australia for $18.65. That's like £7.50. Bargain! Massive congrats to our man Mr Rowe for making it into the thankyou credits too!!!

The whole CD (with live videos too) is available from iTunes France (and elsewhere I guess). You can also only buy the 2 new cool singles instead of buying the whole CD. Good stuff !

The standard 19 track CD is GB£ 7.95 from (as at 03-11-06)

Andy, what store did you buy the DVD at? I'm in Brisbane btw.

I ordered through Fnac and got my copy today. Loving the new take on Space Cowboy and the new intro to Emergency on Planet Earth. Haven't seen the vids yet - saving those for later. I got the 2CD release for 15€ and the DVD for 17€, which is about £10 and £13 respectively. is pretty reasonable...10.99 delivered for the dvd & 12.99 delivered for the bonus cd version! got mine from there!

I'm doing things the old fashioned way and going to my local shops to buy them. At least that way I know I'll get them on release day and they won't be damaged...

I totally agree with you Otis P Jivefunk, i always go out and buy it from the CD shop i can find leaves a feeling of excitement to wait until monday and then go and pick it up in the shop. And hold it your hands as soon as you've paid for it........dunno why i get a real good vibe doing that. Can't wait till i can do that on monday, only 2 days to go!

Cheers Andy, most appreciated :)

Cooh eh!

I read the credits today and was sooo pleased for you David! Well done!!!!!!!!!

Thanks 'quanna, indeed it is really cool. Well spotted.

Jules, I got my DVD from Leading Edge in Geelong. It wasn't on the shelf or in their system yet, and the cover had a $21.95 sticker on it, but for some reason when I persuaded the bloke to sell it to me, only asked for $18.65 - I didn't complain ;)

currently cheapest price for the DVD on cdwow: $13.95 (10.97 euro)
you can search via my site:
1CD edition: 10.18 euro
2CD edition: 12.54 euro

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