Runaway - radio first play information

Added on Friday 15 September 2006, 15:36 (UTC) has announced that the world exclusive first play of Runaway will be on Monday 18 September.  They write.... 

Get ready for Runaway - Monday 18 September

On Monday 18 September, Runaway, the forthcoming single from Jamiroquai will have its world exclusive first play on UK radio.  ILR (Independent Local Radio) stations are set to play the single at around 8:15am. 

If you're a BBC Radio 1 addict, then you'll have to wait until the Scott Mills show in the afternoon to hear the track.

Come back on Monday and we'll also have links to hear the single online.  Stay tuned to as we have lots of news and exclusives to share with you over the coming days and weeks...

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