Denise talks about Jay (again)

Added on Tuesday 05 September 2006, 21:59 (UTC)

Denise Van Outen often talks about Jay, and with her doing a bit of promotional work around the UK at the monent on television and in the press, the subject of her past relationship with Jay once again appears... New Magazine (UK) has printed an interview with Denise where part of the article reads...

Denise said she would make sure any future boyfriends did not rely on her and could support themselves, saying she would not criticise her ex-boyfriends, but only one had made her feel "totally in love". She added: "He'd have his own career and be focused on doing his own thing, because I'm pretty much like that myself. I'm really focused and I can respect someone like that and I find that interesting."It's hard to find everything, but I do believe it exists. Sometimes you get that early, passionate full-on part that disappears too quickly."I would never bad-mouth any of my ex-boyfriends, as they've all been lovely. for various reasons they haven't worked out. I just want to feel really, totally in love and if that's not there, it's not worth doing. I have had that once in my life, with Jay Kay, but we were really young and stupid. I'd like a grown-up version of that."

More of the interview can be read at the Life Style Extra website.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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