North Sea Jazz festival broadcasts

Added on Tuesday 11 July 2006, 22:50 (BST)

Dutch national broadcasting service NPS will be broadcasting from the North Sea Jazz festival being held in Rotterdam this coming weekend, where Jamiroquai perform on Friday evening (scheduled to be on stage at 18:30).

I don't know exactly if and how much Jamiroquai will be broadcast on television or radio but more information about the festival broadcasts is available at the NPS website.

UPDATE: please read the comments posted with this news item for links and confirmed times. 

Credit: Dennis Raymakers

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live transmission in the official page of the festival?
Anybody knows??

contact me at [email protected]


Come on party people, say with me : We wanna soundboard, we wanna soundboard, we wanna soundboard !

Yes Funkadelic ! You're right ! Soundboard, soundboard, we wanna soundboard ! ;-)

The performance of Jamiroquai will be webcasted (audio AND video) live for 30 minutes! The direct link to the NPS webcast-player will be:
(now just broadcasting pre-recorded audio)

Jamiroquai starts at 19:30 hour Central European Time, July 14th. Don't miss it.



Thanks sooooooo much NPS ! I hope it's worth !

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