Rock am Ring broadcast on Dutch MTV

Added on Tuesday 11 July 2006, 09:48 (BST)
MTV in the Netherlands will broadcast 30 minutes of Jamiroquai's performance at the Rock am Ring festival held in Germany last month tonight (Tuesday) at midnight.
Credit: Dennis Raymakers

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Someone to record it ?

will be on hdd tonight!

please!!! record it!!!!!!!!!!!
please!!!!!!!! please!!

is only for people in europe?? or the people from southamerica can watch it?

Look foward to hearing the new single August 7th.

Watching MTV right now, can't see any jamiroquai, only other another band :(:(:(

sorry for all of you fans, this is an majour mistake making by mtv and the internet guides, even the regular paper guides in holland,i was watching it too but there was crap at mtv's live concert broadcast...
its not me too blame, but what a big bummer...
friday ill be there at rotterdam,


don't know why but i have Austrian MTV.. : ((

Lucky Dennis Raymakers! I hope I can see some of the friday gig on internet or tv...
I hope you have great fun(k) at North Sea Jazz!

I saw JAMIROQUAI at the North Sea Jazz festival 1995 and have been hooked eversince !! Saw them in '96, met them in '97 and '99, saw them in '01, went backstage last time they were in Rotterdam and hope someone can take me backstage again!! Dennis Coen [email protected]

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